12 Reasons YOU Should Lose Weight

December 08, 2014

Here is a scary statistic:  Being obese can knock  twenty years off your life! Twenty years!!

In the past, I have helped many clients with weight loss.  I have blogged about it, created audios to help you eat healthful, and taken on numerous clients in hypnotherapy.  As the new year is quickly descending upon us, I feel like I need to do more.  I look around and see so many people that are making really bad food and lifestyle choices.  So, I will be creating an online course for weight loss.  Details will come soon, but wrap your mind around it, I know you have been looking for a weight loss miracle!  In the meantime, here are a dozen reasons that may persuade you, or motivate you to enroll in my course:

1. Your cancer risk will drop

2. You reduce your risk to developing dementia

3. You recover faster from illnesses and even help build-up your immune system

4. Your heart is safer. 

5. Obesity is linked to depression

6. Exercise will be less strenuous.

7. You lower your risk of incontinence.

8. Your vital organs will no longer be squished and subject to added stress and dysfunction.

9. You save money, especially on medications.

10. You will breathe better.

11. It alleviates the stress on your joints, therefore alleviating pain and inflammation.

12. It will lower your blood pressure.


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