Gearing-Up for Nationals

October 17, 2014

Do you have a specific regime that you do in order to prepare for a big event?  Do you practice more frequently? Do you perform relaxation techniques like meditation or massage therapy? I’d be interested to know how each of you prepare.  There are so many techniques out there and each person had his or her own way of doing things.  What worked for you? What didn’t?

To some of you, clay shooting is an enigma, to others, a way of life.  I have had many clients who dedicate their entire lives to this sport and really enjoy it.  Still, if you are not familiar with clay shooting, here is a short history lesson.  The crafty Brits are responsible for giving us the idea, although, I suppose it could’ve spanned earlier cultures as well, but it wasn’t very popular.  One of the reasons why is that it involved shooting live pigeons.



In early Britain it became increasingly popular with royalty.  They practiced on any kind of fowl, pheasants, ducks, turkeys, anything with wings.   It wasn’t until 1860 that the Brits decided to use glass balls filled with feathers and a throwing mechanism…could you imagine?!

Thankfully, some brilliant person came up with the idea of shooting clay targets instead.  By 1927, British held the first ever championship called the British Open.  Since then, clay shooting has been a disciplined sport.  Today, there are thousands of clay shooters who participate in championship events.  Events are held worldwide and there are even schools you can attend to master your skills.  Clay shooting is a determined sport.  The courses are deliberately challenging and there are over six different sizes of clay targets.

The NSCA (which was formed in the late 80’s) National Championship is upon us.  It will be held this year at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Texas from October 18-24th.  I’m excited to see how my clients place but also saddened I wont be there to cheer them on.  Good Luck to each participant.  May the Zone be with you!


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