Proof We Can Heal Ourselves

April 30, 2015

God created us.  God created every single cell in our bodies with the capability to heal.  Let me write that another way: Our bodies, our cells, have the ability to heal.  Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, from a scientific standpoint, any immunologist or microbiologist can tell you that cells can divide and conquer.  Our very nature is to heal. The problem comes when we try to listen to the doctors instead of our bodies.  Our bodies hold the answers to heal, if only we would listen. 

Instead, we are plagued by doctors who treat a problem instead of fixing it.  If you walk into the exam room and tell your doctor you have trouble sleeping, he will prescribe you a sleeping pill.  If you walk into the exam room and tell your doc you’ve been having headaches, he will schedule you a CT scan, and prescribe you a new epileptic drug that is effective at treating headaches.  Excuse me, do you have epilepsy?  Have you no idea that Big Pharma is a hundreds-of-trillions-of-dollars industry.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  From the moment that Rockefeller sank his teeth and his bank account into the medical world, it became the downfall of our innate nature to heal.  It is no secret that Rockefeller wanted to monopolize the medical world.  But in doing so, he undermined all the homeopathic and naturopathic schools.  Schools known to promote health through conscious efforts and natural remedies rather than initiating pharmaceutical-use.  Those homeopathic medical schools, which were once thriving all over the United States were eventually shut-down and not recognized by the IOM or the NIH as “accredited” education.

Just recently, there has been an upheaval at Harvard Medical School.  Turns out that many a professors are tied up in big pharma as well.  So much so, that administration has insisted they post their industry ties outside their classroom.  One student noted 47 different allegiances to pharmaceuticals.  There is a national pill-popping problem.

The truth is, we have forgotten our basic survival instincts.  Our cells know what to do.  BUT, and this is a big but: If you treat them with drugs, poor diet, poor exercise, then you can’t expect them to do their thing.  Your cells have a response to every single thing that goes into your body, and every single thing that happens inside your body.  Have you ever stopped long enough to think what our mitochondria do for us?  I bet not.  Because that just isn’t natural for someone to wake up and say “Hmm, I am going to pamper my mitochondria today.”  And that is a sad truth.  We have lost touch with our spiritual elements, our healing elements, our cellular elements.  We have been corroded with pharmaceuticals, electronics, poison in our water and our food.  No wonder we have so many ailments.  No wonder our cells are fighting an uphill battle…and losing.

If any of this made sense to you today, then I urge you to do more research. The placebo effect is real.  Watch this video.  Watch more videos on the subject.  Google search, go to a library, but don’t stop until you are convinced that what I wrote here is true.  You owe it to yourcellf…see what I did there? Your body can heal itself, if you let it…

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