Success is Never Final

March 16, 2015

There really is no end to success. Success is never final. Even though we have goals, and those goals are met, should we stop, then? What you want to recognize is that there really isn’t a final conclusion. At any moment, your first goal could evolve into something completely different. How many successes have you had in your life, big or small? Did you ever get to a point where you said to yourself; “Well, that’s enough.” and not proceed? Probably not. Because success is never final. Your perceptions of success change with each day, or each behavior or emotion you display, so it is never concrete. “Success Is Never Final, Failure Is Never Fatal; It’s Courage That Counts.”

Maybe you wake up one day and realize you have unlimited potential, and all these things start manifesting themselves into your thoughts. You decide to work towards some of those goals, successfully, but just when you think you may have reached the end, more of those ideas manifest. Success is never final. To continue to evolve and perfect yourself, you want to set yourself up for lots of small goals.

Many people think they may be happy when they live in suburbia with their white picket fences and their 2.5 kids. That once they reach that goal, it’ll be finished. Success. Done. However, as the human condition goes, success will never be final. It will always persist: better, bigger, stronger, faster, etc etc. A person doesn’t become happy once he or she reaches the endgame. Happiness is a constant state of mind. It is choosing to be mindful and living in the present moment. Work on multiple successes.

Is there really ever failure? I am not writing about failure on a grade-school level. There are no big red “F‘s” in life. Each and everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Period. It is how we handle that that determines the outcome. Do you tend to harp on the difficult things or do you tend to learn from them? One can always grow from an experience. You can come to understand things about your nature and change, or you can stay stagnant in life’s little curve-balls and be miserable. Failure is not fatal, but that is exactly as we view failure from time to time. Don’t get stuck with that mentality though. If you perceive things as failures, it will hold you back from future successes. That negativity will add up, so don’t let it. There are certain people that are around and you can almost see the black cloud hanging over their heads; those are people that have let failure become a fatality. Failure is not a fatality. It is merely a stepping stone, to catch us, to make us learn, to help us grow.

Those big successes in your life can only truly happen if you have some of those moments where you think you may have failed. We have all been there. Sometimes you think it didn’t come out the way you planned it, only to be surprised by the end results. When you allow those experiences to change and mold and shape who you are, the world doesn’t stand a chance. You feel stronger, more courageous. Yes, courage is big. If you have the courage to pursue successes even when you know there is a sliver of a chance it’ll happen the way you want, that is having courage. And courage makes all the difference. Courage helps your determination. Courage helps you manipulate your challenges, and ultimately wins successes.

Let’s say you fall into a hypothetical “dark valley” in your life. At this point, you have two options: 1.Sit there and accept your failure. 2.Proceed and learn from it. Only one takes courage. Only one leads to success. Muster your courage, set your mind, complete the task, reach your goal. Lady Macbeth had it right: “Screw your courage to the sticking place and you’ll not fail.” Wisdom only comes from experiences.

Strength and courage comes from repeatedly trying, right? Courage is what will bring you through any perceived failures. Allowing those little fizzled attempts we call failures to happen. Because sooner or later, your courage will kick in and pave the way for great success. Eventually, you’ll be able to stop yourself from falling into the hypothetical “dark valley” again. Success is never final, failure is never fatal, courage is what counts. Go into life courageous. Learn from your perceived failures. Become stronger with each new success. Allow life to unfold. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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