The Motive of Kindness

May 22, 2015

Think about the word kindness. It has two different meanings. It is either a deed or a quality. Kindness can become its own motive. Motive is the “something” that causes action within us. When you are motivated by kindness, your characteristic or quality you possess will eventually make you kind. Eric Hoffer was quoted as saying: “Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”

The thing about kindness is that it has the ability to snowball. As a kid, how much enjoyment did you get from starting a small ball of snow at the top of the hill and watching it get bigger and spread out as it gathered snow, until it was enormous? Kindness has that effect. Whatever your motivation is, your kindness will be a motive for others to take your initiative. It starts out with one thing, but like the gathering of snow, it soon becomes a contagious snowball of kindness.

No one can motivate you to do anything. However, if you take a moment to look back over the last few months, have you practiced kindness? Why or why not? Were you kind to everything and everyone with whom you came in contact? Maybe you have a little animal that hops onto your bed in the morning, complaining of an empty stomach. Were you kind to it? It really doesn’t take much to carry out small acts of kindness. What is keeping you from being kind? Kindness implies an understanding of the human condition, much like compassion.  It goes through life as it’s own entity.  It creates a forgiving heart in a person.  A person who is able to look past flaws, mistakes, troubles, and fears.  To instill that nature within yourself; that is an honorable notion.

Think back to this morning. Did you wake up and think kind thoughts about yourself? Make a conscious effort to be kind. In doing so, you will learn how valuable and precious life can be. I challenge you to be deliberately kind to everyone you have in contact with from morning until night. You have the opportunity to contribute to the snowball effect. Work on this specific character trait. It has the ability to have the life of it’s own once it gets going. Be deliberate with your actions. Take it on as a challenge.

Kindness is, in essence, it’s own motive. You can become kind by living out kindness. Each and every person is unique. Look towards that uniqueness as an opportunity to practice your kindness. Practicing kindness has the ability to change your life in a positive way. Are you up for the challenge? Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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