Triump Over Love and Life: Brilliance, Success, and True Love are Attainable

February 15, 2014

February’s Theme is Love vs Fear

Being able to reflect on your life and putting your best-foot-forward is often difficult at times. I hope the next few minutes I can bring you some encouragement. We are in the month of February and I am writing about love. As we embark onto today’s love quote, keep in mind that love is the ultimate goal. Love of yourselves. Love of the people in your lives. Today’s quote is: Brilliance requires patience and virtue to rise above ignorance. Success requires optimism and effort to prevail over average. True love requires tender passion and faithful devotion to triumph beyond a feigned heart.”

This is a pretty long quote and if you take a glance at it can be overwhelming trying to process all that information. But if you break it up into little pieces it is easier to digest and may even lead to finding a truth about yourself. The first part is: “Brilliance requires patience and virtue to rise above the ignorance…” Well, brilliance when you think about it try to imagine the many facets of a well-cut diamond. It shines brighter and more glorious than you ever thought possible. It is very impressive. To have brilliance in your life is to be impressive; to rise above others’ accomplishments or what you have set for yourself. Taking it above and beyond the limits you set forth. To be brilliant; a shining light, to radiate. Those are great aspects to have about yourself. I always tell my clients to radiate love, joy, peace, and happiness. You can radiate that. Brilliance requires patience. I have written a lot about patience before and you must remember that there will be highs and lows in life. There will be times where it feels really great and others where you have no idea what is going on. If you go into life knowing there is much growth and learning to acquire from it then you can actually be more patient with the process. Ultimately learning patience will help you to have brilliance. It will help you to be the best and radiate positive feelings. It requires virtue. Virtue is moral excellence; knowing and acting on what is right at all times. No matter what is going on around you, if you are in a valley rather than a peak, then it is your virtue that will help you to show your brilliance but also to rise above the challenge; bringing yourself to a higher level. Ignorance is a state of being where you have little or no knowledge. In order to go from a standard present state of being to brilliance, that requires patience and virtue.

Being in a loving relationship where there is brilliance is really knowing and loving that person not only with patience but with strong moral integrity. Letting the love that you have for each other shine above all else. It is beauty that can be seen and felt. Patience and virtue lead to brilliance. Discover how you can be more patient, more virtuous in your relationships. Let your love radiate, let it shine.

Looking at “Success requires optimism and effort to prevail over average” is similar to the first half of this quote. Ignorance and normalcy are states of beings. Success is taking average to a whole different level. You can be average or you can decide that you want to rise above and be better than average. The success in life and love is going to require optimism. Optimism is a habit of expecting good things. A belief that there is positivity and goodness in the world. Do you perceive that? Success can be defined in many different ways. But today we are looking at success in relationships. Success is defined by your personal preference. You decide what successes you want in your life and relationships. It requires effort to prevail over average. You cannot expect success to fall into your lap. You cannot just sit around and be positive. You have to put one foot in front of the other. You cannot get from point a to point b without putting in effort. Even though you may be optimistic and have great ideas, you won’t go anywhere if you don’t do something with those ideas. Put in effort with that optimism and you will see success. There are people that go into downward spirals. Some people think negatively too much and this can cause you to go way below average. Seeing negativity and letting it bring you down will get you nowhere. Success, however you define it, requires optimism and effort to prevail over just being average. In relationships, in love, being successful is letting go of hang-ups, communicating well, and enjoying the uniqueness that both people bring to the relationship. Love can be such an amazing success when it is with the right person. Optimism and prevalence over average stature leads to success.

Since we are in the month of February I will spend some time on true love. True love in the above quote is: “True love requires tender passion and faithful devotion to triumph beyond a feigned heart.” A feigned heart is one that is contrived or being affected in a negative way. A feigned heart comes from a heart that is somewhat insincere. It is at the same level of being average or ignorant. A heart not wanting to go beyond is not very healthy. True love does require tender passion. Passion behind living and loving what you do or a person is a very positive thing. It is a strong feeling or emotion, a desire full of love. True love requires a gentle and delicate passion. Recognizing that you do not want to wound this person or be too strong is perfecting a loving relationship. Faithful devotion is being reliable, being firm in your support for one another. If you are faithful, you believe with all your heart in another person. You can believe in your loved-one’s admiration and affection. Being faithful isn’t about monogamy. It is about being reliable and trustworthy. Faithful devotion is being completely reliable in your love and affection for that person that you are completely loyal to your loved-one. If you have faithful devotion in your relationship, then you can rely on each other and trust that each one is doing her part to love, cherish and devote herself to a relationship. To triumph over something means an outstanding victory. To triumph over a feigned heart, the level of intimacy, passion, trust, and loyalty must be real. People with feigned hearts will not advance well in a lot of areas in their lives. They will not know how to express the best possible you they can if they have a weighted-down heart. A feigned heart will hold you back from experiencing one of the most wonderful things in life: love.

Having the ability to love yourself and others and being able to express that outwardly is not being ignorant, or average. It is being brilliant and successful. Love and passion can bring about such wonderful aspects of a person’s character. Allow yourself to work beyond your fears. Go beyond the affected-wounded heart that is there from past relationships. We all know what that feels like in one instance or another. Recognize that you will triumph over ignorance, triumph over average, triumph over your feigned heart and allow yourself to have true love in your life with tender passion and faithful devotion. If you want to offer 110% of yourself into relationships, it is not succumbing to your past fears but releasing it and begin being brilliant, successful, and ultimately finding true love. Thank you for reading. If this post left you with questions, or you want to know more about the person you can be, feel free to peruse my website to see what kind of services are offered.  May you triumph over your day!

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