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Dawn has been helping people to overcome life’s challenges for the past three decades; enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment, and live life in joy. She teaches, empowers, and motivates individuals to transform their minds, lives, careers, sports, and relationships. Dawn is globally recognized and respected in many sport industries. She has worked with elite competitive athletes and Olympians. Her work has contributed to multiple World Champion titles and Hall of Fame honors. Get acquainted with her expertise by attending or booking Live Events.

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  • Athlete's Ideal Mindset: The Zone

  • Elusive Zone For Clay Shooters

  • Golfer's Mental Game: The Zone

  • Obtainable Stress-Free Living Zone

  • Success In The Peak Human Performance Zone

  • Tackling The Elusive Health Mind + Body

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Free webinars

journey's beginning

Have questions about Dawn and her products and programs? Not sure if she is the right fit for you or how you can benefit from her offerings? Do not worry - you are not alone! Dawn offers free webinars that will answer all of these questions and more. She presents the information in a down-to-earth, humorous, and relatable way, so you can feel confident in your decision to work with her. You will likely connect with the information and feel as if she is speaking directly to you! If you are ready to take the next step in your journey toward improvement but are not sure where to start, the free webinars are a great place to begin. Simply choose the topic that resonates with you, register, and tune in. If you still have questions afterward, you can even apply for a free strategy call. Take the first step toward positive transformation today!

athletes, golfers, + clay shooters

  • Stop feeling stress and frustration while playing and at events

  • Consistently feel that you are performing to the best of your abilities

  • Maintain the lead and keep a streak going

  • Comfortably and efficiently move on from a miss

  • Feel good about the time and money you've put in into practicing and competing

  • Perform as well in competition as you do in practice

  • Have mental mastery and a strong mental game

  • Genuinely have fun competing and playing again

healthy mind + body, success, + stress-free

  • End the thought patterns and beliefs that have kept you from being your best

  • Stop self-sabotaging habits and behavioral patterns that have held you back

  • Program you subconscious with new, healthy habits, thought patterns, beliefs, and behavioral patterns

  • Comfortably and efficiently move on when something didn't go you way

  • Establish mental skills to live a successful, stress-free, happier life

  • Trust your gut feelings and internal guidance

  • Consistently feel you are being and offering your best

  • End stress, worries, doubts, fears, insecurities, and regrets

  • Have great success and joy in your life

  • Have a healthier and more calm mind and body

  • Be stress-free

  • Feel happier and better overall




the zone

Athlete's ideal mindset

Enjoy performing and get consistent results without ever losing focus.


Healthy Mind + Body

A comprehensive mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual approach to weight loss.


Peak Human Performance

Genuinely feel you are offering your best with confidence and focus, while free of anxiety, worries, and fears.

the zone

Golfer's mental game

Enjoy performing and get consistent results without ever losing focus.

the zone

clay shooter's mind game

Enjoy performing and get consistent results without ever losing focus.


stress-free living

Genuinely have peace of mind and enjoyment of life while free of regret, worries, and fears.

dialogue with dawn live

immediate answers to your questions

Each month Dawn carves out an hour to connect with people like you. Speak with Dawn directly by joining our Network and Community and tuning into Dialogue with Dawn Live on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm (ET). If you need clarity or are interested in understanding training concepts more clearly, then these conversations are for you. They will help you to transform your life! Not only is Dialogue with Dawn Live the perfect opportunity to ask Dawn questions, but you will also learn from hearing others' questions and answers.

Typically the webinar starts with about 30 minutes of training, followed by Q&A. Frequently Dawn will devote the entire hour to questions and answers. While these conversations are live, recent episodes can also be accessed in the subscriber’s online library.

network + community



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  • Dialogue with Dawn Live + Archive

Live events

reach new heights

Dawn is an extremely powerful and unique speaker because she brings her healing work into every engagement. As a Mental Trainer, Hypnotist, Intuitive, and Healer, she teaches skills to achieve empowerment and provides tools for true mental and physical transformation. Dawn has uniquely designed methods and styles that have been developed through years of providing Private Sessions, navigating personal experiences, and participating in expansive self-improvement studies.

Dawn’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore and expand on difficult topics though personal experience storytelling with extreme honesty and authentic vulnerability. Her humor lightens the room and allows her audience to uncover their challenges and limitations in a safe environment. Dawn leaves her audiences with concrete strategies in focus, confidence, trust, peace of mind, humility, presence, mindfulness, intuition, and joy that can be put into immediate action.

Her interactive offerings in Mental Training, Hypnosis, and Meditation are unparalleled. She’s more than just a speaker. She’s an engaging, down to earth, seasoned teacher who unites her audiences with talks grounded in what’s real. Participants leave inspired to create positive change for greater success. Dawn speaks on number of topics, including: peak performance, positive thoughts, changing beliefs and behaviors, sports mental game, stress-free, mindful living, business, weight loss and wellness, philanthropy, and more. Fees are based on price submission when booking. Dawn will negotiate a final fee and review expenses.

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Dawn knows the number one thing an audience wants is to feel they are understood and connected to the speaker. This is why Dawn covers topics that are deeply engaging and relevant. She has an effective approach to overcoming obstacles so you can live your fullest life. 

clinic / workshop

Coaching and training for success in career, sport, relationships, and life- through Dawn's groundbreaking and time-tested techniques. You will learn to have peace mind, confidence, focus, trust, humility, presence, mindfulness, intuition, and joy. All of which ignite great peak performance. Book Dawn for a 1 to 3-Day Clinic or 4 to 5-Day Workshop.

book signing / appearance

Book Dawn for a Book Signing or Appearance surrounding her book, 7 Strokes In 7 Days. She is happy to appear at your bookstore, shop, clubhouse, or corporate event for a book autograph signing session, speech, or book tour.


Book Dawn for a 10 to 60-Minute Livestream to pop into your organization’s virtual happy hour, say hi to a group of fans, join your company for a virtual Q&A, consult you and your partners on your budding business, share a quick motivational story, keynote your virtual conference, engage with you and your clients, or submit whatever you have in mind!

dawn grant mind training school

Dawn Grant Mind Training School in Northeast Florida is open to everyone and has helped athletes, business professionals, and countless individuals with personal roadblocks, fears, and goals. Decades of experience has allowed Dawn to develop a fine-tuned Mental Training system built for anyone looking to take control of their thoughts, master their mind, re-energize their life, and crush personal and professional goals.

You can attend monthly Lectures, Clinics, Workshops, and Retreats which offer a deep dive into mental training techniques anyone can use to master their mind and take control of their life. You will learn among individuals with similar goals, focusing on the same goal: learning and implementing Mind Training techniques so you can advance your life both professionally and personally. You will find positive effects on many different aspects of your life, not just the ones you came to improve. You will leave with tons of material, resources, knowledge, and techniques to continue practicing and implementing every day in order to see continued improvement.

Dawn provides a fun, safe, relaxing environment for all Mind Training School events at her club, Amelia Shotgun Sports, in Yulee, FL. Amelia Shotgun Sports sits on a working timber farm and features acres of scenic trees, a serene lagoon, and a luxurious, cozy clubhouse perfect for unwinding and decompressing. Because of the spacious property, there is plenty of room to learn and roam as you go through hands-on training, seminar demonstrations, exercises, and more. Though Amelia Shotgun Sports feels tucked away, there is plenty of shopping and lodging right around the corner. You'll find restaurants, hotels, and stores just minutes away. Register as soon as you can, space is limited!

3-hour lecture

Dawn’s lectures are more than just a 3-hour talk, she takes a hands-on approach and leaves no stone unturned as she teaches the fundamental Mental Training techniques, the science behind them, and how to apply them to your life. Dawn will teach you how to find The Zone and harness it to empower your life. You will leave with a solid understanding of Mind Training and how to start applying techniques without suffering from information overload.

The Zone is a mental place many athletes talk about but few know how to control. It's where Peak Human Performance occurs. Tapping into The Zone isn't just for sports competitors, harnessing this mental state is beneficial to anyone who wants to enrich their lives, crush their goals, and live with joy. It's a state of mind you can reach whether you're an athlete, artist, or executive. The Zone can be the hardest part of your mind to master, but Dawn teaches you how to do it using easy-to-grasp techniques.

3-day clinic

Clinics are built onto the solid foundation you acquired during the Lecture. Clinics are an important building block and provide essential training and resources in order to get the most out of Workshops and Retreats.

Learn the science behind Mind Training, how methods of Hypnosis can change your life, tools needed to master your mind that can be implemented immediately, and the process of creating an actionable plan that will help you hone your skills even after the Clinic is over.

6-day workshop

Workshops are 6-Day events that are truly a unique and transformative experience. Cover Dawn’s entire Mind Training system during a series of talks, demonstrations, and exercises. You will leave armed with all of the knowledge and training you need to properly implement my techniques and create powerful, positive change in your life.

Cover topics ranging from focus and proficiency to consistency and calmness. Workshops are a one-of-a-kind experience with tons of information and immediately useful techniques you won't be taught anywhere else.

10-day retreat

Retreats are a 10-Day transformation journey focusing on the power of Stress-Free, Mindful Living. A well-rounded getaway if you are looking to learn how to get rid of fear and doubt, live life with confidence, create a positive outlook, and take control of your thoughts. Improve your mind and life through enlightening Mental Training sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and mental exercises. There is a focus on the skills, methods, and techniques you need to have genuine peace of mind, breaking free from fear, regrets, and worries. When you attend my Retreats, you will see why athletes, companies, executives, and many others have worked with Dawn to learn how to successfully overcome mental blocks and obstacles, achieve happiness, and crush goals.

You'll spend the day going through several educational modules full of fun, transformational exercises. Don't worry, lunch and breaks are included! This all-encompassing approach creates the environment for a truly transformational experience. Retreats feature expert guest speakers throughout your stay and fun activities such as nature walks, kayaking, hiking, and beach excursions and meditations. While you'll spend plenty of time on the Dawn Grant Mind Training School property working your way through mind training exercises and learning all about mental training, plenty of fun is worked into Retreats and Amelia Island is a big part of it.

From water-centric activities like beach meditation to experiencing local cuisine and independent shops, spending time on Amelia Island is a joyful and decompressing experience. Even though Dawn Grant Mind Training School is quiet and tucked away from hustle and bustle, right down the road is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Your transformational getaway wouldn't be complete without experiencing the lively, welcoming culture of Amelia Island, FL. Dawn Grant Mind Training School is located minutes away from this beautiful and small-but-bustling beach town where you can find tons of shops, eateries, and activities. The island helps make our events one-of-a-kind experiences.

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