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7 most common ways you sabotage your success + how to eliminate them

Unlock the secrets to success and achieve your goals with Dawn's expert guidance. With thousands of hours of experience working with successful individuals in various fields, Dawn has honed the skills necessary to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Learn from her proven strategies and take your success to the next level. Do not miss out on this opportunity to join the ranks of high achievers and unlock your full potential!

peak performance

Improve your focus, confidence, + overall performance

As a driven individual, you already understand the importance of cultivating a strong mindset to achieve your goals. However, you may not be fully aware of how much your thoughts and mindset can impact your success. While many people grasp the principles of a strong mindset, they often struggle with practical application. This is where expert Dawn's teachings and mental training techniques come in. She helps individuals bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation, empowering them to take their success to new heights.

Dawn's teachings and mental training techniques go beyond the basics, helping you to stay focused, calm, and confident under pressure. Whether you are navigating high-stakes business deals or pursuing personal achievements, a strong mindset can help you visualize success and execute your plans effectively. When faced with unexpected obstacles or setbacks, a strong mental game can help you stay positive, overcome challenges, and stay on track. Stay motivated and focused on your goals, achieving improved performance over time. Do not underestimate the power of your mind in achieving success - it can make all the difference.



Unsure if Dawn's products and programs are right for you and how they can benefit your journey to success? You are not alone. Dawn understands the importance of making informed decisions and offers a free webinar that addresses these questions and more. With her down-to-earth, humorous, and relatable presentation style, you will feel confident in your decision to work with her. The information presented is tailored to resonate with you, helping you connect with it on a personal level. If you are ready to take your journey toward success to the next level but aren't sure where to start, the free webinar is an excellent starting point. By registering and tuning in, you'll gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of how Dawn's offerings can help you achieve your goals. And if you still have questions afterward, you can apply for a free strategy call with Dawn. Start your positive transformation today by taking the first step toward informed decision-making.

Free webinar:


Genuinely feel you are offering your best with confidence and focus, while free of anxiety, worries, and fears.

Find your best self

Imagination, dedication, commitment and creativity are a few words that come to mind when I think of Dawn’s gift. She helps people remove the blocks enabling them to find their best self. Dawn does this by creating a safe place that opens you to the tools that empower you to accept success. Her creative approach adapts to the needs of her clients, Dawn helped us make the necessary paradigm shift needed for one of our organizations leadership groups. I highly recommend Dawn if you’re looking for a partner to help you and your organization be open to all the possibilities for growth.

Ralph Massella

South Atlantic Division President at Prospect Mortgage

SOLUTIONS for success

Unleash Your Winning Mindset

online course

Are you looking to achieve success in all areas of your life? Success: Peak Human Performance is a comprehensive online course that will help you achieve mind mastery, success, and joy in your personal and professional life. Taught by expert instructor Dawn, this 21-lesson course is delivered through video recordings and accompanying slide presentations, with the option of 11 corresponding hypnosis meditation audios for optimal learning. You can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. To allow the techniques to be mastered and give you the best return on your investment, you will receive one lesson per week. However, many clients choose to review and watch a lesson over several weeks before moving onto the next. Whether you are an experienced professional or a passionate hobbyist, this program has something for everyone.

The course is divided into five modules. The first module focuses on teaching you to create peak performance, access the zone, and master your minds to help, not hinder, success. You will also learn about six tools for getting into the zone, including brain wave states and the benefits of Alpha, Theta states for optimal human performance. In module two, you will learn how to become consistent, escape limitations, improve focus and targeting, and use the power of their thoughts to their advantage. Module three covers the skills you need for focused and proficient performance, including the focus loop, positive thinking, and visualization. In module four, you will learn how to be consistent and calm when facing challenges, move on after setbacks, and focus on being their best selves. Finally, in module five, you will learn how to move in and out of a state of success at will, use better focus as a secret weapon, and access their subconscious to perform instinctively. You will also learn how to partner with your mind to achieve your goals and use the power of self-hypnosis meditation.

Choose the Main Online Course or the upgraded Optimal Online Course with hypnosis meditation audios to get the most out of your investment. By the end of this course, you will have the mental skills and techniques you need to become a top performer in any area of your life. Both options provide valuable learning, but the Optimal Course offers an extra layer of immersion to help you achieve maximum results.

Success: Peak Human Performance

  • optimal

  • main

$249.99 /month


  • 21 Video Lessons with Course Notes

  • 11 Corresponding Hypnosis Meditation Audios ($534.05 value)

  • 20% Off Discount Code for Instant Download Hypnosis Meditation Audios

  • Network + Community Access

  • Dialogue with Dawn Live + Archive

$174.99 /month


  • 21 Video Lessons with Course Notes

  • "20-Minute Hypnosis For Transformation" Hypnosis Audio

  • 20% Off Discount Code for Instant Download Hypnosis Audios

  • Network + Community Access

  • Dialogue with Dawn Live + Archive

module 1

the mindset of a MASTER

module 4

consistent + calm when under pressure

module 2

CREATE Equilibrium NOW

module 5

mental mastery

module 3

focused + proficient


Empowering Pre-Segment Routine

module 1

the mindset of a master

module 2

create equilibrium now

module 3

focused + proficient

module 4

consistent + calm when under pressure

module 5

mental mastery


empowering pre-segment routine

hypnosis meditation audios

Hypnosis meditation audios can be a powerful tool for those striving for success. These audios use techniques like guided visualization and positive suggestion to help you visualize yourself achieving your goals and develop a winning mindset. By listening to these audios regularly, you can train your mind to focus, stay calm, and believe in your abilities, leading to improved performance in all areas of your life. With regular use and a commitment to mental training, hypnosis meditation audios can be a powerful tool for helping you reach your full potential.

If you are looking for topic-specific hypnosis meditation audios to help you reach your goals, be sure to check out the Hypnosis Meditation Audio Store for a variety of instant download options. These one-time purchase audios start at just $24.95 and allow you to focus on a specific area of your life. If you are looking for even more value, Hypnosis Meditation Audio Bundles might be the way to go. These bundle packages group together hypnosis meditation audios based on goals or topics, and offer a discounted price compared to purchasing each audio individually. For the ultimate in convenience and value, consider signing up for the All Access Hypnosis Meditation Audios subscription. For just $34.99 a month, you will get unlimited access to all of Dawn's hypnosis meditation audios, with new options added every month. You will also get access to the Network + Community and the opportunity to participate in Dialogue With Dawn Live.

hypnosis meditation audios

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  • Instant Download Hypnosis Meditation Audio

  • Intro To The Mind Video

hypnosis meditation audio bundles

starting at

$334.45$301.0010% DISCOUNT

Recommended Bundles

  • Success 11 Hypnosis Meditation

all access hypnosis meditation audios

$34.99 /month


  • Unlimited Expert-Made Hypnosis Meditation Audios

  • Network + Community Access

  • Dialogue With Dawn Live + Archive

mental training on demand

Are you ready to achieve success in all areas of your life? Mental Training On Demand is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to achieve a healthier mindset, less stress, greater joy, peak performance, and success in their personal and professional life. With thousands of hours of mental training tailored to your specific goals, you will learn skills to be your best every day and improve your mindset.

Many of the lessons in Mental Training On Demand are based on the techniques and strategies that Dawn, a leading expert in the mental coaching community, has used to help individuals reach their full potential. With her guidance, you will be able to implement positive ways of perceiving the circumstances and experiences in your life, no matter what challenges you may face.

Each lesson will provide you with information and skills to help you see the good in your life and achieve success in all areas, whether it is in your personal relationships, career, or any other aspect of your life. With Mental Training On Demand, you will be able to take control of your mental game and achieve your full potential.

mental training on demand

$19.99 /month


  • Hundreds of 15-Minute Lessons

  • Network + Community Access

  • Dialogue with Dawn Live + Archive

leaders CONNECT

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your success? Join the Network + Community, where you will find a supportive community of individuals who share your drive for success. Whether you are seeking mentorship, collaborative opportunities, or just looking to connect with others who share your passion, you will find everything you need in the Network + Community. With easy access from the iOS and Android app, you can connect with others anytime, anywhere, making it easy to stay connected and engaged with your success journey.

Each month, Dawn offers an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with her through Dialogue with Dawn Live. Tune in on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm (ET) to get your questions answered and gain valuable insights from Dawn's expertise. Whether you are seeking clarity or looking to better understand training concepts, these conversations are designed to help you unlock your full potential and transform your life. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from others' questions and answers while getting direct access to one of the leading experts in success coaching.

network + community



  • Network + Community Access

  • Dialogue with Dawn Live + Archive



mind mastered app

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and achieve success? Mind Mastered offers a powerful and quick solution to break free from unhealthy habits and limiting mindsets, allowing you to unlock a more confidence and consistency.

Mind Mastered is the first mobile app of its kind, combining Dawn's proven Hypnosis Meditation Audios with user customization and accessibility from anywhere, at any time.

Mind Mastered offers highly efficient and effective hypnosis meditation to subscribers at an affordable and convenient price, providing people around the world the opportunity to manage their thoughts and take control of their minds. With Mind Mastered, you have the power to quickly and effectively break free from unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs, and create positive and powerful changes in your life so you can start achieving success like never before.

mind mastered app

starting at

$12.99 /month


  • Unlimited Custom Hypnosis Meditation Audios


Are you ready to break through your mental roadblocks and achieve success? Dawn is here to help with our personalized coaching and hypnosis meditation package. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, or anyone looking to improve your mental focus and clarity, this package is designed to help you achieve your goals and overcome unhealthy habits. In just two private sessions, Dawn will work with you to identify specific areas for improvement and coach you in techniques for better use of your mind. You will also receive a 20 Minute Hypnosis Meditation For Transformation Audio to practice calming techniques from the comfort of your own home between sessions. After your two private sessions, Dawn will create a special Hypnosis Meditation Audio tailored to your specific needs and goals, providing you with the tools you need to overcome roadblocks and take control of your success. Do not let limiting beliefs hold you back any longer - invest in your mental clarity.




  • Two 1-Hour Private Sessions

  • Custom Hypnosis Meditation Audio

  • 20-Minute Hypnosis Meditation For Transformation Audio

live events

If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in mental training and achieve your goals, you have come to the right place. Dawn offers a variety of lectures, clinics, workshops, and retreats that can be customized to meet your specific needs and interests. These live events are held both locally and internationally and can be hosted at your local event venue, workplace, or at Dawn's Mind Training School at Amelia Shotgun Sports. Each event is designed to provide you with a unique experience and includes personalized coaching. And if you coordinate the event, you will get free access to it - it's a win-win! Do not miss out on the opportunity to transform your skills and achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule your customized mental training event and take the first step towards success!

book an experience

Event Types

  • Speech

  • Clinic / Workshop

  • Book Signing / Appearance

  • Livestream

  • Custom

one of the most unique speeches we have ever heard

If you are searching for a unique speaker who can generate excitement and value for your employees or customers, I highly recommend Dawn Grant. Her presentation on self awareness and personal empowerment was one of the most unique speeches that we have ever heard. Our people could not stop talking about her ideas and concepts – they were clearly fired up and very appreciative of what Dawn shared with them. She is reasonably priced, personable, relevant and powerful.

Matthew Tully

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Ultimate peak performance package

unleash your full potential

The Ultimate Peak Performance Package is a comprehensive program designed for individuals looking to take their success to the next level. The package includes a range of tools and resources to support your journey, including 21 Private Sessions with Dawn, an expert in Mental Training. These Private Sessions allow for a personalized experience and extra guidance in areas where you need it most, ensuring that you stay on track and are held accountable for your goals. You will receive a copy of Dawn's book "7 Strokes In 7 Days" and a Custom Hypnosis Meditation Audio made specifically for you by Dawn. You can create unlimited custom hypnosis meditation audios on the Mind Mastered app. Connect with like-minded individuals, get additional support, and access your hub of tools and resources on the Network + Community platform. You can also access Dialogue With Dawn Live monthly Q&A webinars, All Access Hypnosis Meditation Audios, Mental Training On Demand 10-15 minute lessons, and your Optimal Online Course. These resources will help you learn and apply key principles for success, master your mindset and focus, and much more. With a completion time of as few as 21 weeks or up to 52 weeks, the Ultimate Peak Performance Package is designed to help you achieve your goals in a timeframe that works for you. However, it's important to note that Private Sessions must be completed within one year, or they will expire.

To purchase the Ultimate Peak Performance Package, you will need to go through an application and approval process to ensure that you are committed to self-improvement and ready to make positive changes in your life. If accepted, you will schedule your Private Sessions, with two free reschedules available. Any additional rescheduling will require at least 24 hours' notice or a $150 fee will apply. If you are ready to take your success to new heights, fill out the Strategy Call Application to get started on your journey to success.


peak performance package

  • 21 Private Sessions

  • 7 Strokes In 7 Days book

  • All Access Hypnosis Meditation Audios

  • Custom Hypnosis Meditation Audio

  • Dialogue With Dawn Live

  • Mental Training On Demand

  • Mind Mastered App

  • Network + Community

  • Optimal Online Course

this will allow me to reach my full potential

I have complete confidence this will allow me to reach my full potential. The consistency and progression of the messages and information provided has created a tremendous amount of awareness – which has been instrumental in creating positive change – in me individually but most importantly as a group it has become magnified, reinforcing our acceptance of change. Dawn Rocks!

Kathy Crowder

Sales Manager

enjoyable and informative

Dawn completed an enjoyable, informative presentation for my leadership team. Everyone was engaged, had fun, and learned a lot. She covered aspects of self hypnosis as they relate to improved performance and production. Both did improve afterwards. Dawn also formed lasting relationships with several people present and those continue today. I recommend Dawn.

Kathleen Heck

President at The Croyance Group, LLC

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