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7 Strokes In 7 Days is full of concrete, specific, “secret-weapon” techniques that have helped every-day and credentialed athletes globally. This book will train you out of the limitations of your mind and into mind mastery. 7 Strokes In 7 Days takes you where other “experts” fall short. Your optimal state of performance, The Zone State, will no longer be elusive to you.

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Play great golf

Winning performance is a mind game

And, you are about to have mastery over your mind!

As a professional mental trainer and hypnotist who has had a successful private practice since 2001; Dawn has a profound understanding of the human psyche, altered states of consciousness, and how to train people in the best use of their mind for optimal performance. Many years of study and private session work have taught her exactly what causes your lack of focus and inconsistent performance, as well as how to correct it.

 In this book, you will learn exactly how to overcome some of the most common offenders that hold you back from optimal mind and body states, and from having winning performance on the golf course: worry, fear, doubts, regrets, anxiety, over-thinking, anger, expectations, trying too hard, wandering mind, and lack of focus.

It is important that you know this is not a book for golfers looking for a quick fix. This is a book for golfers who want a permanent fix! If you love playing golf but are tired of feeling like they are fighting with their clubs, regularly feel like giving up the game of golf, think you must be destined to low scores, and you're never going to win an event; then this is your book. Your battle is over. It is time to love golf again and to know how to navigate the twists and turns of a round of golf from a place of calm consistency and enjoyment.

day 1

let's get started

6 Channels Of The Conscious Mind
Subconscious and Ego
The Zone State

day 2


Skill 1: Invisible Tool Belt

day 3

focus, it's not about your eyes

Skill 2: The Focus Loop

day 4

Pink elephants

Skill 3: Proper Positive Thinking and Visualization Techniques

day 5

angry after a hole?

Skill 4: The Post-Segment Routine

day 6

productive prepping

Skill 5: The Pre-Shot Routine

day 7

have fun again!

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  • Seven Essentials To Peak Performance (Ch. 1) 

  • Living The 7 Essentials (Ch. 2) 

  • 6 Channels Of The Conscious Mind (Ch. 3) 

  • 20 Minute Hypnosis For Transformation (Ch. 4) 

  • The Zone Focus Loop (Ch. 5) 

  • Positive Mindset + Visualizations (Ch. 6) 

  • Constructive Reflecting Of Post-Segment Routine (Ch. 7) 

  • Productive Prepping Of Pre-Segment Routine (Ch. 8) 

  • Have Fun Being Your Best (Ch. 9) 

7 essentials to peak performance

(ch. 1)


"your mind is your mind. your mind is with you all day, in all activities. I can teach you to get to know it, understand it, manage it, work with it, and master it... so you can be your best anytime, anywhere."

dawn grant

7 strokes in 7 days

signed hardcover


signed softcover


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