Personalized Custom Hypnosis Audio includes 2 Private Sessions

We all want to be better at something, right?

That is why I created this unique package. If you perused my store and didn't find anything to fit your need, this package is just for you. Whatever avenue you hope to change or achieve, I can help. This product is tailored specifically with your wants and needs in mind.

This is a two-session commitment from YOU. The two sessions are for me to talk with you about your goals and specific areas of improvement, and I would coach you in techniques for better use of your mind. You would be able to practice hypnosis and calming techniques from home using an audio I would provide you after the first session.

After your two private sessions I then create your special hypnosis audio, which will include suggestions directly addressing your issues.  

I look forward to helping you with your positive changes!


Based on a 3 Step Process:

  • Done Virtually via Skype or Facetime:
    • 1 private session to gather specifics pertaining to problems and goals, and 20 Minute Hypnosis For Transformation is given.
    • 1 private sessions to get clarity and offer mental training on specific issues.
    • Then I take all the information, create and edit your Personalized Custom Hypnosis audio.

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