Three 1-Hour Private Sessions

Dawn Grant Mental Training + Hypnosis

New clients who are ready to get started on their issue can purchase this Three Private Sessions Package which offer a discount in pricing. In the first session there will be a screening where Dawn will assess your current challenges and needs, belief systems, behavioral and thought patterns, as well as your intentions and goals. She will provide you fundamental and detailed training pertaining to your mind, it’s modus operandi, hypnosis, mental management, and mindfulness. A customized training and hypnosis program will be established that will help you move your life in a healthier, more successful and productive direction. Each subsequent session will build on the previous, helping and supporting you down your personal path of transformation. Included in the first session is the 20 Minute Hypnosis For Transformation audio.

Whereas returning clients can purchase this discounted Three Private Sessions Package to get training or hypnosis on a specific issue, gain clarity, and to stay accountable and on track with their new mental skills.

All sessions are one hour and typically held online via video calling, but can be done in person.

They are scheduled approximately a week apart or as needed based on your program.

  • This session can be via Video Call, Skype, FaceTime or Phone.
  • Dawn suggests you use Skype for your session, if you've never used it before you'll find it to be very easy and convenient. Detailed instructions on how to use Skype will be provided to you.
  • If you choose Phone, details will also be provided to you after purchase.
  • Once you have completed payment, you will contacted with instructions for Scheduling Your Appointment into Dawn's calendar.


**Dawn has limited time to do Private Sessions.**

**Therefore, she encourages customers to look into her highly effective Online Courses, Video Library Subscription, Lectures, Clinics, Workshops, and Hypnosis Downloads for assistance in making positive changes.** 

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