Can My Clay Shooting Clients Perform Like They Practice?

February 06, 2013

Seminole Cup is Around the Corner!

February 20-24

I am very excited to be attending my first Seminole Cup! As one of the first big events of the year, many of my Clay Shooting Mental Training clients are wondering if they can perform like they have been practicing. Although I have been working with Clay Shooters for about 4 years, with well over 60 Clay Shooters that have hired me and several dozen which are active clients, I have yet to see many of them compete. So I am very much looking forward to watching them perform!

Obviously, a competition is where one’s mental skills (or lack of them) will either make or break them. There’s no better place for me to see who is applying and mastering what I have been teaching them and who isn’t. Just as all humans are different, every Clay Shooter has taken a different approach to their sessions with me. Some do their homework as instructed, others do their homework twice as frequently as I asked, while a few never seem to find time to make it a priority. Each of their efforts will show up loud and clear at the Seminole Cup, and in each of the upcoming events after it.

All athletes know it is one thing to receive instruction and practice, it is quite another to be able to take those skill sets into performance. From the outside a competition can seem the same as practice, especially if the shooter practices as if they are at an event, but they are very, very different. Yes, they have the same shotgun, the same shells, and the same type of targets… but there is something vitally dissimilar. The culprit behind one not being able to perform like they practice is the conscious mind and its wanderings and infamous stinking thinking!

Every one of my Clay Shooting clients is well versed in the tactics of the conscious mind; they have learned about it and have acquired skills to overcome its old unproductive tendencies and thinking. They have had ample time to practice the productive mental training techniques they have learned, and for those that were diligent, these mental skills will be on autopilot. For the others, the question will be… can they perform their mental skills like they have practice? We shall see in a few weeks.

For those who have slacked off a bit on their work… it’s not too late for a refresher. You know where to find me! Or you could even get some good hypnosis suggestions via one of my new Clay Shooting products:

Now there is no excuse for a Clay Shooter to not be able to Perform Like They Practice!

See you at Seminole Cup Sporting Clays Tournament!

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