How To Find Yourself, When You’ve Lost Yourself

July 29, 2017

She had a perfect home, a perfect family, a perfect life. She had everything that one desires and she wanted nothing else. Used to welcome the life as it is for years and to feel safe.

But over time, her safety abandoned her. To her, safety became imprisonment, bondage. She was confined, she was in misery, she was lost. She had no idea how to go back to her former safety, to her home again.

She started asking herself, “where is exactly my home?”, “how can I decide that this is not Sahara but my beige Pottery barn furniture adorned home?

It becomes difficult to live when life becomes predictable.

She could feel what is going to happen next in every step of her life. Stagnancy destroys spirit. She was far detached from herself and she knew that her journey back to home would be scary and uncertain. But at the same time, she had no other choice. She could not live separate from herself anymore. She had no idea where the path would take her. Yet, she took the risk.

After that three and a half years have passed.

Today she is writing all these from home, from her same old beige furniture adorned room.

Then what is the difference? The thousands of miles that she has travelled since then and the thousands of memories that she has captured make all the difference. She has finally found her lost self, her lost home.

The journey was not smooth.

She had come across several frightening situations and she made one mistake after another which eventually directed her in the right direction. She does not regret of making bad choices because at the end all her bad choices turned out to be useful for her.

One piece of advice she wants to give everybody now is to get lost if you get a chance although the process of recovering from the lost state is not a comfortable one.

But this period of confusion, this period of inner turmoil is the most effective one.

You will get to reassess yourself and revaluate your purpose in life through the process. You will get answers to all your questions but most of the time the answers won’t be the answers you want but the answers you nee

If you ever feel lost, try to hear closely. You will hear your spirit screaming that it is bored. Do something new, something adventurous. You may fail at your first attempt but do not give up. Try again. You will eventually discover happiness, laughter, and most importantly your purpose in life.

At times, she felt guilty of not appreciating her blessed life.

But she knew that however fancy her outer world may look, her inner world was broken, lost and purposeless.

So how do you find purpose?
Do something different right now!
Scare yourself, become an amateur again.

Try to observe how you react to different situations. You will definitely notice something important about yourself. You will get to know what turns on your light. And once you know what turns on your light you will find your purpose.

Whenever you come across something unfamiliar, you get conscious and much more concentrated.

The most difficult thing that you will face during this process is loneliness. This is a solo mission, a solo journey. You are your guide. Keep faith in yourself and do not let others discourage you.

You only live once. Go! Start trying to find yourself. And you cannot find yourself unless you get lost.


Photo Credits: Joel Sossa

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