September 15, 2023

I recently completed Lesson 201.7, "Proficiency and Peak Performance:  7 Elements You Must Have."  I was excited to implement the missing Elements in my life.  My mechanics are pretty good.  Great instructors, regular practice, equipment, etc. I have started to focus on better nutrition:  more fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains; and less sweets and processed foods (my favs!).  I drink about 90 oz. of water daily.  I had very little exercise so I started walking, doing some light weights...it's a good place to start.  Faith is an important aspect that I would like to dive deeper into in my life.  As we "practice virtues" (Acceptance, compassion, cooperation, confidence, courage, thankfulness, presence), the greater joy and fulfillment we realize.  As far as mental training, DAWN GRANT of course!  

After completing this lesson, I was really motivated to implementing these concepts into my life.  Since sleep is an important aspect of peak performance, I decided to change up my circadian rhythm, which has been less than optimal for some time. Since I was shooting the following morning, I decided no time like the present.  I laid out ingredients for a healthy breakfast smoothie, listened to my 20 min. hypnosis, and went to bed early.  I was awakened several hours later with a raging toothache, and was unable to get back to sleep.  Needless to say, my shooting suffered immensely the next morning! If any of these 7 elements are lacking, thus is your peak performance.

I have a long way to being "my best self."  I have deep seated beliefs, thoughts, and fears, that I would like to improve to more positive ones.  Looking forward to doing just that!

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