Dawn Grant: teacher, therapist, motivator

By Steve Nicklas august 25, 2015

To say that Dawn Grant is just puttering around in her career as a hypnotist/golf therapist is as inaccurate as a duffer's slice.

Grant is busily assembling an impressive resume - especially in the discipline of putting. She has worked with top Professional Golf Association tour members like Vijah Singh on the mental aspects of the putting stroke and how to eliminate the yips.

She diagnoses the art of putting as part skill, and a big part mental. With Grant's influence, Singh's putting went from frigid cold to scorching hot, and carried him to the 2008 Fed Ex Cup championship. Singh sank a 30-foot putt on his way to claiming a $13 million purse.

Singh "was having some major blocks," says Grant, who worked with him at his Ponte Vedra Beach residence. "I helped him to see himself as the best putter in the world."

Since 2007, Grant has worked with 25 men's and women's professional tour golfers (and other world champion-caliber athletes). She has also attended major professional golf tournaments as sort of a coach on the sidelines.

Grant has assembled a duffle bag of accolades, testimonials and training techniques. She is innovatively transmitting her craft through the channels of social media like YouTube - while her website, www.dawngrant.com is a cutting-edge portrayal of her products.

A hypnotist by profession on Amelia Island, Grant saw an opportunity to correct the mind games prevalent in golf (especially with putting). Motivated by a relentless drive to help people, Grant has found her calling.

So she has been helping golfers. She is currently writing a book, 7 Strokes in 7 Days, a quick-fix resource to help golfers improve their game. She also provides complimentary golf training through www.BlogTalk Radio.com every Monday morning - and keeps archives of her sessions.

She does more than help with the mental aspects of putting. She also has applications to help a golfer's short game and confidence through the Apple App Store (downloadable onto an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). She launched these new products while appearing at this past Master's Golf Tournament. And she has delivered mental-training workshops at the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy.

Grant offers hypnosis and meditation sessions right off her website, including a smoking-cessation course (and a comprehensive weight-loss course coming soon). She even sends out free emails that are inspirational and teeming with positive messages. In return, many of her satisfied clients provide resounding testimonials.

Local women's professional Laura Diaz says her work with Grant was "eye-opening and exciting."

"She taught me how to self-hypnotize and get into a place where I could perform my best," Diaz says. "I believe everyone can learn a lot about themselves from working with Dawn. I know that I did."

Grant uses hypnosis and meditation to get into a client's subconscious mind. In this way she can change their thoughts, particularly in a pressure-filled moment that athletes often encounter.

She was doing a motivational speaking circuit several years ago for a large corporate client when she met a contact with the PGA. Later, in Tampa, she was introduced to pro golfers through this arrangement. She caught Singh's attention then.

"He watches," Grant says. And learns. That is, when he has a good teacher and therapist and motivator at his side.

Steve Nicklas is a financial advisor with a major Wall Street firm who lives on Amelia Island. His columns appear in numerous newspapers in North Florida. He can be reached at 753-0236.


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