Peak performance

By Dawn Grant July 2021

"in the zone" definition: in a state of focused attention or energy so that one's performance is enhanced.

In "7 Strokes in 7 Days," Grant taps into her decades of experience helping top athletes reach their peak performance to share concrete, specific, "secret-weapon" techniques that improve focus, quiet the mind, boost confidence and consistency, and cultivate the tools necessary to maintain calm under pressure.

The "peak performance" state of mind Grant describes in "7 Strokes in 7 Days" is not only applicable to athletes but extends to all people in the form of stress-free, mindful living. In Grant's book, she shares how the state of mind can be achieved, helps readers to become their best self, and teaches them how applying these techniques can create opportunities for success as a human being.

You are a competitive golfer. You struggle on the golf course. You don't perform as well as your practice. Your performance is inconsistent. You can't focus. You have experienced "The Zone" infrequently or not at all. And you just aren't having fun playing gold anymore.

No matter how hard you try to make shots happen, no matter how well, you do in practice, no matter how expensive your clubs are, no matter if you've trained under the best instructors, no matter how hard you try to focus, you just can't seem to take strokes off your score.

You're sabotaging your own efforts and don't even realize it. But no worries, I can help you.

I am an expert on the mind. I can help you with all of these self-inflicted obstacles, both on the golf course and off. Resulting in improved, consistent performance in gold; and improved, consistent performance in life! Ultimately, you become an overall happier, more successful person who can be your best in any situation.

You are experiencing Peak Performance in all areas of your life. I know what you want.

You want to focus better. You want to perform as well as your practice and be more consistent. You want to feel more confident, trust yourself and trust your mechanics. You want to feel you've done your best and see improvement in your scores. You want to enjoy once again the sport that you love.

In summary you'd do anything to be able to know how to fell your best and perform at your best in any situation, under any conditions. What you really want (whether you know it or not) is the ability to perform in "The Zone."

I know you are discouraged.

You have spent a lot of time participating in instruction for mechanics, learning proper technique, practicing, and maybe even dabbling in mental training. You have spent a lot of money on clubs, instruction, greens fees, golf carts, clothes, balls, gadgets, and gizmos. All this, only to have inconsistent and mediocre performance. I know, at times, you have thought about quitting golf altogether.

You have gotten so annoyed with yourself and the game that you have often wondered if it is worth your time and money. You may have thrown your clubs, kicked your golf bag, cursed the heavens, and got close to walking off the course in the midst of around. How do I know all this?

Because, although all humans and athletes are different, they are also all the same. They come to me thinking they have unique problems when, ultimately, they are experiencing the same issues I've heard hundreds of thousands of times. But it's not just a matter of hearing their problems; I've training clients out of their issues and into hugely successful solutions. At this point, we are talking about 1000's athletes of all kinds who have improved their mental game. This means they have better focus, heave great scores in performance, leave the event feeling they did their best, and have a total enjoyment of the sport they love again. But, better yet, they experience The Zone more often and for longer periods of time due to knowing how to set up and experience their optimal state of consciousness.

What is this optimal state of consciousness I speak of?

Many refer to the ideal state of mind for Peak Performance as "The Flow," others refer to it as "The Zone." I am sure there are many other names out there as well, but personally, I like to refer to it as "The Zone." This state of mind and state of being has been acknowledged and sought after for thousands of years. I find it funny that something so incredible, so recognized, and so common can seems so out of reach. Whether one was a leader in ancient times, an Indian medicine woman, a military general, a corporate executive, an athlete, or an artist... each has been seeking to experience this mental and physical state, where the level of their human potential goes through the roof! Unfortunately for them, The Zone has been dodging their every effort to MAKE this state of mind happen.

Athletes and artists have been most prone to experiencing The Zone, but that doesn't mean they know what causes it or how to re-create it. Even the best of the best Pro Athletes, Famous Coaches and instructors, and Expert Sport Psychologists and Mental Trainers will say The Zone is elusive; they will also tell you that you can't create it. But, they are wrong, and nothing could be further form the truth! This is nothing against them. How could anyone that doesn't truly understand the mind think any different? It's not really their fault; it's just their lack of understanding.

Contrary to popular belief. The Zone is NOT elusive and is totally within your grasp!

Not only do all these other "experts" not understand the mind well enough to make a statement like "you can't make The Zone happen;" they also don't have the number of clients and private sessions directly related to the topic under their belt to make such a profoundly impactful proclamation. You see, I have been helping clients one-one-one to achieve this state since 2001. I have well over 60,000 hours invested in understanding the mind, its potential, our limitations, how to overcome those limitations, and how to be the best version of yourself. I am genuinely, personally inspired daily to understand the human psyche, not only for clients but for myself. Of all the different passions, hobbies, and interest that folks can have, mine is to deeply understand, practice, and teach optimal human performance. I have known from a young age that I wanted to help people make profound, positive changes in their lives, and I am fortunate I have found an avenue to achieve that. Like an addict getting their next hit, the high I experience when I help someone to overcome their limitations and tap into the best version of themselves... is indescribable. But then again, if you are one of the fortunate who has experienced The Zone while doing something you love... then you can relate to this level of euphoria.

The Zone isn't reserved for a few special people, certain kinds of athletes, elite military, or highfalutin CEOs; it is accessible to all of us. I experience it in both my life and my work; and can absolutely, positively help you to experience it so you too can be your best. Now, isn't that exciting! But let's add to that excitement just a bit more! Just as an athlete who performs in The Zone experiences their best performance and successful outcomes, the state of Peak Performance I function in as a Mental Training provides for the best outcomes possible... with successful, positive change bestowed upon you!

I am The Peak Performance Whisperer. I am The Focus Whisperer. Or, even better yet. I am The Zone Whisperer.

Why not? I figure that if there is a Dog Whisperer and a Horse Whisperer, then there's definitely a precedence set for me to be The Zone Whisperer.

My expertise is in "Mental Training," coming from a culmination of 30 years of true dedication to formal education, certification, studying, mentoring, coaching observing, and a lot of personal practice. I'm like a swing coach or a personal trainer, but my competence is pertaining to the mechanics of your mind and your thinking process. I have extensive working knowledge and on the scene training support for Competitive Golfers and other competing athletes. I have helped them to tame down the contributors to their attention deficits and the "mental chatter" since both have been the thieves keeping them "off their game." They learn how to overcome thought patterns like "I can't pull off this shot," "this is why I'm not any good," "I'll never be as good as my friends," or even the sneaky, double-edge sword kind of thoughts like "if I keep this up I'm going to win." But they aren't just elimination these deficits. They are learning and building powerful techniques for mental prowess.

The results my clients gain are phenomenal. Which usually catches them off guard since they are so used to working so hard, with minimal change. Isn't it time you stop trying to fix your problems the same way you always have, only to end up getting the same results you've always gotten?

With this in mind, it does not surprise this quote have become so well known:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." -Rita Mae Brown

It's time for things to change.

It's time for you to get the most out of your game, as well as the most out of your time and money.

I know how to help you!

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