Creating Wonderful Change

bypass the critical factor

Hypnosis by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind. By definition, hypnosis is a state of mind in which the critical factor is bypassed and selective thinking is established. Ninety-five percent of people have misconceptions about hypnosis. Because of these misconceptions, hypnosis is not what most people expect it to be. If you are using hypnosis for relaxation, your body is very relaxed. However, the deeper you go into hypnosis, the more your conscious mind becomes alert. In the deepest levels of hypnosis, your conscious mind is two to three hundred times more alert than it is at this very moment. All of your five senses are hundreds of times better than they are right now.

Guardian of the gates

When you are in hypnosis, you are not asleep. You are extremely alert, probably more alert and clear minded than you have ever been before. The conscious mind takes on a different role when you are in hypnosis. It is guardian of the gates, there to protect you. When you receive a suggestion in hypnosis, you hear it loud and clear. Your choice determines whether or not the suggestion is allowed to enter your subconscious mind, dictating success or failure. If it is allowed to enter, you will have the change that you desire. If it is rejected, there will be no change.

After hearing the suggestion, you have four choices.
1. "I like that suggestion, I know that one is going to work for me!"
With this mental attitude at the conscious level, the suggestion goes into your subconscious mind, and change begins.
2. "Well, that suggestion sounds good, but I do not think it will work for me."
With this uncomfortable, mental attitude, the suggestion is rejected, and there is no change.
3. "I am not sure if I like that suggestion or not."
With this neutral, mental attitude, the suggestion is rejected, and there is no change.
4. "Oh, I like that suggestion, boy, I hope it works for me!"
The word hope sets you up for failure. It is similar to saying, "I will try," versus saying "I can do it." When you decide that something is a priority in your life and that you can do it- then there is no need to hope for it. And so with this mental attitude, the suggestion is rejected, and there is no change.

Suggestions enter your subconscious mind when you take the mental attitude of, "I like that suggestion, I know it is going to work for me!". You are completely responsible for your own success and your own failure. The success rate of hypnosis is 100% but it is up to you to have the correct mental attitude. If you choose to accept the suggestions, you will have wonderful change. If you choose to reject the suggestions, you will have no change.

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