Dawn Grant Mental Training Overview & Q&A

Dawn Grant is a Mental Trainer & Hypnotherapist. Since 1994, Dawn has been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges, enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment and live their ideal life. With an obvious passion for her work, she has drawn clients globally, including mainstream & elite athletes. Many that are World Champions, Hall of Famers, Team USA & Olympians; 25+ PGA TOUR Pros (averaging 219% increase in earnings), 1000+ Competing Clay Shooters and other Sport Shooters, as well as Pro’s in Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, and Endurance. In 2008, she helped PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh with a mental shift that contributed to his 2 FedEx Cup Playoff wins and his earning of the 2008 FedEx Cup Championship.

Free Products:
Free Webinar: "The Elusive Zone for Clay Shooters” which airs every Wednesday (sign up at DawnGrant.com, click on Free Webinar in menu). It will give you a good idea of what I have to offer and will help you decide what level of help you are ready to commit to. At the end of the webinar is an opportunity to schedule a Free 30 minute Strategy Call with me.

Free Hypnosis Sample: Get “Confidence In Life Hypnosis” Instant Download when you sign up for my Newsletter at DawnGrant.com

Try Hypnosis For Free: Curious what hypnosis is and what it feels like? You can learn more here when you go to these links on my website: Truth About Hypnosis, Q & A. Then feel free to Try Hypnosis Now!

Training Choices:
-Hypnosis Instant Downloads
-Customized Hypnosis Audio
-5 Month Training Program either as Online Course or in Private Session Comprehensive Package

How To Choose?
Hypnosis Instant Downloads (approx 30 min each): The hypnosis audios are very specific to a topic, they will give you immediate help in that particular area. The title of each audio gives you an idea of the topic covered. On my website they are in order of how I recommend them. If you are interested in purchasing my Hypnosis Audios (they are Instant Downloads) you will find them at DawnGrant.com, click on Sports Performance in side menu.

Customized Hypnosis Audio (Two Private Sessions + One 30min Custom Hypnosis Audio): If you are having a specific, recurring issue then a custom hypnosis audio would a great way to tackle it. Through a process of 2 Private Sessions (which can be done via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, or In Person) you will learn about your mind and gain the knowledge base necessary to make permanent change. I will also learn details about your specific issue which I will use to create hypnosis suggestions and record into your very own hypnosis audio. Get more information or purchase here DawnGrant.com, click on Personalized Custom Hypnosis in side menu.

5 Month Training Program: For overall improvement and mastery of your mental game (how to actually shoot in THE ZONE more often and for longer periods of time, improve your confidence, have better focus, experience less stress, and actually enjoy competing again) then I recommend one of my Training Programs.

For 5 Month Training Program Choose From These Options:
Online Course: (Course 101: 1 month, Course 201: 2 months, Course 301: 2 months) Recorded versions of my unique training program. Each video is approximately 1.5 hours long and consists of me teaching through a powerpoint presentation. The courses must be completed in order and can either be purchased individually or all together. Get more information or purchase here DawnGrant.com : click on Online Courses in menu.

Free "Confidence In Life" Hypnosis Audio

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