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Plan, Prepare, + Focus

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If you are doubting, worrying, fearing, or having expectations during your planning and preparing you are actually setting yourself up for a struggle, and your focus and performance will suffer. What is ideal is to have a perfect mix of calm alertness, a perfect marriage of peaceful attentiveness. This interesting combination comes with practice and repetition of specific mental skills, but you can get a huge jump start with this Hypnosis. It is designed especially to build the focus you need to maximize your clay shooting performance.

Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Consistent performance whether targets are ‘easy’ or ‘hard’
  • Deliberate and purposeful planning
  • Positive and productive preparing in pre-shot routine
  • Achieving calm alertness
  • Better focus from confident planning and preparing
Included In Purchase:
  • “Intro to the Mind” Video
  • Clay Shooting: Plan, Prepare and Focus MP3 Hypnosis Audio

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