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Motion Wellness (End Sea Sickness)


Sick of feeling sick when out on the water? You are not alone! No body likes sea sickness! It's a horrible way to feel, and the worst way to spend your day... especially a day that was meant to be fun! Motion Wellness Hypnosis is full of suggestions that will help you to experience being on water in an enjoyable and pleasant way

Originally created to help the guys of Foar From Home on their row across the Atlantic Ocean.

See what ocean rower, Hupp Huppmann, had to say about Motion Wellness Hypnosis:

How Did You Guys Deal With Sea Sickness?
“I had a mental trainer, Dawn Grant. Dawn created audios for me. One was called Motion Wellness, not anti-sea-seakness, literally “motion wellness.” By day two I was actually eating all my meals. I would put the audio in when I went to sleep, I’d wake up. I think I was a day or two ahead of the guys on the taking in food power curve. I thank Dawn for that, it was really powerful. I used her other audios for the rest of the journey to get to sleep. If she speaks to me, I start falling asleep right away.”
- Hupp Huppman, Foar From Home: Talisker Atlantic Challenge Dec 2021, Retired Naval Senior Chief Petty Officer 

Foar From Home participated in the Atlantic Ocean Challenge to raise donations and awareness to battle Veteran PTSD and the high rate of Veteran Suicide.

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