19 slightly confusing but hilarious signs from around the world

August 24, 2017

The best of signs will do their purpose: inform you of what the sign maker wants you to know. Usually, sign makers will do this is in a straightforward, practical way.

But other sign makers decide to go with a more creative approach.

Below, we have compiled 19 examples of hilarious and strange signs. Get ready to giggle.

1. Finally, a good place to rest your wings.

Source: jamieanderson/flickr

2. Beware of cliff-diving kangaroos!

Source: robdownunder/flickr

3. You generally shouldn’t run or walk backwards in dangerous areas.

Source: FlyinRoo/flickr

4. Are you willing to take a chance?

Source: Paul Smith/flickr

5. You’re probably going to want to go right.

Source: bert knottenbeld/flickr

6. This sign’s cool. It won’t snitch.

Source: Reddit

7. If you read this sign, you’re a rule breaker.

Source: Reddit

8. This gate will always be in the right position.

Source: liskoturri/Reddit

9. It’s nice that they speak dog too.

Source: imgur

10. Always solid advice.

Source: Funny Signs

11. Everyone should see this cat.

Source: Imgur

12. We can’t all walk through walls.

Source: Imgur

13. This sign has it’s priorities straight.

Source: Bored Panda

14. They warned you.

Source: Leo Reynolds/flickr

15. What a great deal!

Source: Imgur

16. Why aren’t these available everywhere?

Source: Reddit

17. Two totally unrelated signs, I’m sure.

Source: Reddit

18. Think of the animals!

Source: tenioman/flickr

19. Gotta love the honesty!

Source: Imgur

I love when people have fun with their jobs. Which sign was your favorite?

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