2014 US Open Sporting Clay Championship

May 29, 2014

Wendell Cherry, John Woolley, Gebben Miles…Do any of these names ring a bell?  If not, you are probably not familiar with the world of clay shooting.  If you recognized one or more of these names, then you are aware of how easy these competitors make shooting look! The art of shooting clay targets has been around for ages, but it hasn’t always been looked at through the same pair of sport- lenses, like golf or football.  Although it’s “Greats” don’t have preeminent public reputations the way that Peyton Manning or David Beckham do, their abilities are just as noteworthy.  These competitors travel throughout the globe, with guns in tow, as they break more than just records and win tournament after tournament. 

This year is shaping up to be quite the battle in the clay shooting world.  All three of the above shooters have recently won a prestigious event.  Next week, the US Open Sporting Clay Championship will be held in Columbus, KS from June 2nd through the 8th.  I cannot wait to see how these gentlemen do in the competition.

I will be at the US Open to cheer on my clients and to meet some of you.  I’ve reserved a tented booth with guest John Woolley that will be chock-full of information…and guns.  Look for me alongside the TEAM USA booth.  Make sure you stop by and check out the deals and specials, or sign up for my newsletter or clinics.  I cannot wait to witness history in the making and see the outcome.  I wish all the competitors the very best of luck.

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