Advances in Physics Determine Brain Power

October 28, 2014

taken from THE MIND UNLEASHED on 23rd of September, 2104

Written By Dr.Kelly Neff

In a talk entitled “The Next 20 Years: How Science Will Revolutionize the Economy, Medicine and Our Way of Life” delivered at Clarke University in Iowa this weekend, world-renowned theoretical physicist Dr, Michio Kaku argued that many of the imagined fantasies from science fiction movies are becoming realities, and we will see even more of this occurring in the next 20 years. According to Kaku, not only are telekinesis, telepathy, and mind control possible, but in all scientific actuality, “they already exist.”

Kaku mentions several concepts now in existence that were once thought to be only the stuff of movies and dreams including:

-The invention of a “brain pacemaker” that can be implanted into the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient.

-A “brain net” where users can send emotions and thoughts to one another using only their minds.

-A “smart pill” (like from the movie Limitless) that can help boost cognitive abilities.

-Using your mind as a ” remote control” for robots, AI and smart computers.

Apparently, all of these technologies are possible thanks to sophisticated high-tech brain imagining and mapping being developed by physicists. Thanks to modern science, the power of the mind is truly being unleashed!

What scientific advances do you hope to see in the next 20 years?

How about individual teleportation stations allowing us to jump from location to location by choice? Just yesterday quantum physicists announced they had made a huge advance in this arena, by successfully teleporting the quantum state of a photon into a crystal over a distance of 25 km.

What about an efficient way to more effectively harness solar power and provide free energy or water? German Architect Andre Broessel recently designed a spherical stand-alone solar energy generator that is 35% more efficient that current systems. There is even a new invention that can help solve the water crisis by pulling it directly out of the air!

Is there a scene or a concept from a Sci-Fi movie that you would love to see translated into reality? For example, I always wanted to work on a computer like the ones in Minority Report! I know so many people are also still hoping for Back to the Future-like Hover-boards and were deeply disappointed about this hoax. How about full body-healing machines like the ones featured in Elysium or Transcendence? There are also SO many inventions that could be created to help bring people together, to heal disease, to provide energy, education, clean water, and to make human beings smarter, more empathic, and more evolved. What mind-unleashing inventions do you hope to see in the future? It might be closer to becoming reality than you think!

For more, explore Kaku’s newest best-selling book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind.

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