Coping With Life’s Little Twists

November 23, 2012

Coping With Life’s Little Twists

Funny how you can be clear about what you want in life with goals, focus and direction – moving forward, excited about life as it unfolds – then BOOM, a surprise from left field throws you a twist to your life’s plan.

It is these unexpected challenges that can easily shake you from your strong footing. But the real challenge comes from maintaining your solid ground… to stay positive, stay strong, stay focused, and stay on track. Knowing you have worked hard to get where you are; backsliding would be a waste of time.

Becoming emotionally numb to that which you can’t control or change is key, whether that is reflections on the past or reflections on another human being’s choices. Stay strong in your convictions, know who you are and what you desire and deserve in life. Each of us is 100% unique-! There is no other person on this planet like you. There never has been nor ever will be.

Embrace your uniqueness…
Find your sources of joy in life…

Live each day to its fullest by deliberately and intentionally applying that which makes you joyful to your life every day. Life is good; it is what you make it!

Life does have its twists and turns, but with experience, patience, confidence, and an eye in the present moment we are able to hit the curve balls that come our way.

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