Freedom From Telling White Lies Hypnosis

May 15, 2013

Have you ever noticed that you will tell white lies in an effort to make things easier or to not create any problems? Most people that tell white lies have good intentions. They are usually trying to spare someone’s feelings. But have you ever considered that your friends have been observing you lying to others in their presence, or that people can usually tell in their gut that they are being lied to? You can be a kind, loving, friendly person but have a reputation for lying. And, even though you had good intentions, you are losing respect and tainting your relationships. Isn’t it time to stop telling white lies? Dawn’s Freedom From Telling White Lies Hypnosis will help you gain the confidence to lovingly be open and honest in conversations.

Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Healthy level of confidence in who you are and what you have to offer
  • Highly capable of having healthy communication and relationships with others
  • Respect yourself, honoring your position, your perception and your truth
  • Open and honest in conversations. Communicating from a healthy, loving place
  • Acceptance of others, their perception and their truth

Included In Purchase:

  • Instructions PDF
  • “Intro To The Mind” Video
  • Freedom From Telling White Lies Hypnosis MP3 Audio

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