Friends Can Help Ease Your Financial Fears

December 02, 2012

Every where we turn we can hear people talking about the troubled economy adding to our fears about our financial future. With so much emphasis on money, or lack of it, one would think it was the most important thing in life. Money is simply our society’s agreed upon means of trade; there are many, many other methods of creating the life we desire.

If you limit yourself with thoughts of “I can’t afford that,” or “I will never live that way because I don’t have the money;” you never will.

Open up your mind to the other options. How about trading with a friend? If you are good at computer work and he can build a deck, you both could reap the rewards of working with a friend. If you both have children, consider trading childcare time.

True friends are there to offer support, guidance, unconditional love, and would likely be very willing to help in whatever area you request. It takes courage to ask your friends to be there for you, just as it takes courage to have the life you desire. When you stop long enough to think about what is really important in life, you will see that the most important ones can not be bought.

A life lived in the comfort of financial freedom does tear down walls of limitations and provide greater opportunities. But none of them would be even slightly valuable if not approached with courage, strength, drive, and determination. Take time today to count your true blessings. Feel grateful for your friends and the friendships they offer you. Recognize the successes you have had in your life, no matter how big or how small… and know it is your courage, that not only brought it all into your life, it is what will sustain it and help you live the life you desire and deserve.

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