Good Fuel for Your Engine

October 01, 2013

I watch car enthusiasts take great care of their classics, hot rods and muscles cars, some of which are over a hundred years old! Engines have been rebuilt with original parts that have been hunted down and found. Time, energy and a lot of money have gone into these beauties. You can imagine how important it is to keep their engines clean and running well.

If you had a muscle car with an engine modified to achieve high performance, I am quite confident you would fill it with the best fuel available. You would be well versed in knowing what the best fuel is and where you could get it. You might even know that over the last decade fuel chemistry has radically changed, with street gas now being reformulated with weird additives and oxygenates. It’s even got to the point where there are 23 different regional street gas blends, where ‘brews’ can vary seasonally and where not every state imposes strict quality control. While some blends have caused minimal problems, others (particularly those with ethanol and other abrasive additives) cause drastic degradation.

We can respect this information and know that there is likely much truth in the fact that fuel has changed drastically over the years. And if you had tens of thousands, maybe even as much as $100,000 dollars in a classic car, you would take note of this and make some wise decisions to preserve and maintain your investment, ensuring its ability to perform well over a long period of time. But do you take this much care in what you put into your body so that YOU experience peak performance over the long haul?

Are You Taking the Right fuel for YOUR Engine?

The answer is likely “no.” And from what I have seen from working with both athletes and clients looking to lose weight, even the ones believing they are eating well, really aren’t; mainly because what has become ‘normal’ eating habits contain foods that lack in nutrients and quality.

It should not come as a surprise to you to know, that I can easily rewrite the above first paragraph with the subject being your body and the effects food as fuel has on it? From the day you’re born until you leave your parents home, your price tag may easily reach $100,000.

Yes, your body is like a fine tuned automobile and what you put into it will either help it run efficiently or make it sluggish. Which would you prefer? Foods have changed drastically over the years with processing, additives, preservatives and pesticides. Excessive population growth has put demands on food manufacturing that are not always met with health in mind. Clever marketing has made it nearly impossible to decipher facts from fiction, and weeding through the information is almost impossible. It has taken me years to decipher and analyze. I have been implementing changes over that time while helping clients become more aware and supporting them in making the changes too.

This is why I have a section of my website devoted to health.

I have seen, both personally and professionally, the connection between mind and body, between the kind of food fuel we put in our bodies and the level of performance we can achieve. The food we eat will either improve our performance and health or hinder it, and that is performance at anything and everything you choose to do with your time.

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