Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People

January 03, 2017

Achieving success in life is not something one gets by fluke or luck but is something for which a combination of skills, timing, hard work and luck is needed.  Successful people share many common habits with each other and this is enough to prove that success may have a certain recipe and path.

Some of the habits of highly successful people include tracking progress, learning from mistakes, thinking of long term goals, being humble, taking risks while maintaining balance in life, being organizational, embracing changes and handling problems well.

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People (Infographic)


On the other hand, some habits which are common among unsuccessful people are wasting time, getting distracted easily, blaming others, not setting goals, fearing change, holding grudges and wanting others to fail, negative thoughts and thinking that they know everything.

It is a fact that those who think that they have achieved success tend to be 100% successful in the future whereas those who think that they can achieve it have only 80% chance of being successful. Similarly, those who doubt themselves and think that they might achieve it have only a 60% chance whereas those who think that they definitely won’t have a 0% chance!.

Secrets for Success in Life

Do you ever question if some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Why are some people very successful and others trying to catch the drift of life? Well, it is all about working hard, having a passion, and being smart about it.

Here are some secrets for being successful in life

1. Positive Thinking

positive thinking

Positive Affirmations

There is no shortcut to success unless you embrace positive thinking. Whether you are going through good or bad times, people should practice seeing the positive side of everything. Think of being successful in everything you do. Entertaining failure and doubting your beliefs is the first step of failing. However, surrounding yourself with positive minded people is a great ingredient to success.

2. Set your Goals

set your goals


Before you achieve anything, you need to set a target of what you hope to achieve. Goals are best set with a timeline to challenge you towards achieving them within a time limit. Goals push you towards success, because your work is aimed at achieving certain targets. Having goals can be a short or long term commitment. Remind yourself of your goals often to act as a motivation to working hard in achieving them.

3. Never stop Learning

never stop learning

Highly Confident People

For successful people, every day is a learning day. You see, learning does not necessarily have to be in a class room set up with a lecturer. There is a lot that can be learnt at the work place by getting out of your comfort zone. The more you expose yourself to activities outside your cocoon, the more you will learn a lot.

4. Communicate Effectively

communicate effectively

Build Effective and Genuine Network

To be successful, you have to be a confident and effective communicator. Confidence will make people pay attention when you are passing a point. Effectiveness on the other hand, is using available communication tools to the best of your abilities. Communication skills make you a people person, because of your ability to deal with people appropriately.

5. Work Hard

work hard

Hard work vs Smart work

They say hard work never goes unrewarded. People who commit to their work, put in more hours and make sacrifices, always enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The secret to being hard working is not only what you do when everybody is watching you, but also what you do when you are alone.

6. Take Risks

take risks

Worlds Successful People

Some of the best decisions successful people ever made were as a result of taking risks. Whether they are calculated or not, if you don’t try you can never know the outcome. Business for instance, always involves taking risks. If you take a risk and fail, you can still learn from your failures and do better next time.

7. Be Proactive

be proactive

Self Improvement

What good is setting goals that sound great on paper when you will not work on implementing them? Talk is cheap but action is expensive. If you want to be successful, talk less and focus your energy on action. Actions do not have to be grand gestures, you can start with baby steps and build on gradually.

8. Be Analytical

be analytical

Hurdles to Being Successful

You see before any successful people make any decisions, they have to weigh both sides of the coin. You have to get all your facts right before making any move. Being analytical will not make you beat yourself up should things fail, because you gave the details the airtime they needed.

9. Take Control of your Emotions

take control of your emotions

Self Control Techniques

The worst thing that some people do is make decisions based on emotions. Emotions fluctuate a lot, hence not the best consideration for decision making. Whether you are angry or happy, your decisions should be based on facts. Emotions influence people to making haste decisions, which they regret once the emotions subside. Learning to take control of emotions places you in a great position for success.

10. Be Honest

be honest

Improve Your Life

Honesty is always the best policy. This is not just a cliché but a fact. If you want success, you must be honest in your ways. When you are honest, the lying bug will not bite you where you will be forced to cover up one lie with another. Honesty makes you dependable and draws people to trust you.

Successful people are who they are because they earned it. Unfortunately, many people want to be successful, but a few of them are wishing to give success what it takes. Whoever said the best things in life are free was not really referring to success. Successful people are no better or less than others. They just do things a little or more different from others.

Source : successstory.com

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