Hypnotherapist Smoking… where?

May 08, 2013

Hypnotherapist Smoking where? Not this one, at least not any more.

Yes, I used to be a smoker and for a brief time in 2001, I was a Hypnotherapist Smoking. But now, I am a Non-Smoking Hypnotherapist who helps others to become non-smokers!

Like many, I started to smoke cigarettes as a young teenager, and it continued into my 20’s and 30’s. I would smoke about ¾ of a pack a day- and got into the habit and routine many smokers are familiar with. Smoking: in the morning, with coffee, when on the phone, when needing a break, in the car, after a meal, with a drink… and on… and on. I tried to quit smoking many times and I tried every technique… none of them got rid of the urge or desire to smoke.

It was as if I had an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. One would encourage me with “you can do this, keep going, four hours without a cigarette- good job;” the other would say “you can’t do this, just give up, four hours without a cigarette- you can have just one.” Every time I quit smoking, I went back to smoking again, especially when something stressful was going on in my life.

In 2001 I became a hypnotist and started a private practice. Within weeks, I was booked up and helping people to quit smoking with my smoking cessation program. But the deeply buried secret was… I was a Hypnotist Smoking. I would still smoke in the evenings. And yes…I felt like a hypocrite so I decided to get hypnotized to quit smoking myself. It was so much easier than I had expected or ever experienced on my other attempts to quit smoking.

Finally! The desire and urge to smoke had decreased! I could be around others who were smoking and feel free from the haunting mental invitation to smoke. The first week I was in disbelief and kept waiting for triggers or circumstances to make me want to smoke… but nothing did. It was easy and I have never turned back.

I am a Permanent Non-Smoker… and no longer a Hypnotist Smoking.

I bet you are just as ready as I was to finally be rid of the smoking habit! I can help you stop smoking permanently, no matter where you live, with my Quit Smoking For Good Mental Training and Hypnotherapy sessions which are Instant Downloads!! A 25 minute Mental Training Video and 25 min Hypnotherapy Audio… so in less than an hour you too can be a Permanent, Healthy, Active Non-Smoker!! I am excited for you!

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