Is Getting Help For The Psyche Just For Psychos?

October 08, 2013

For years, people were afraid to make mention that they were going to therapy or seeing a Psychologist. The misperception was that admitting to such a thing would make them appear weak or disturbed. Nothing could be further from the truth! A person seeking outside help to improve themselves is a person who is courageous enough to admit to their weaknesses and pitfalls, who is willing to face change and who recognizes, like Einstein did 100 years ago, that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What I have seen over and over is there is great strength in the decision to look at one self and take on the difficult challenge of honest self reflection and diligent daily change in how one thinks, speaks and acts.

For those still under the misconception that getting help for your psyche is for psychos let me offer some insight. Most of you have smartphones, but do you know how to use them? I have come across a lot of folks who use their smartphones for as a basic telephone… they just use it for phone calls. The next group that ventures further into this technology will actually also use theirs for emails, texting and photos. Then, there are those that benefit from its many intuitive, interconnected apps that will help them to organize their lives, stay fit, eat healthy, read books, keep track of the weather, compare items before buying them, navigate their whereabouts on the planet, and even learn about the solar system. A phone that can be as smart as you would like it as you completely personalize it to your tastes. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is! But, here’s the catch. There is no way that you could benefit from the tremendous amount of tools available to you in a smartphone if you didn’t learn how to use this minicomputer. Ya, you could keep your mind limited and choose to not bother learning more than how to make a phone call. But without a better understanding of how it works, you can actually cause some problems from random dabbling. It order to get the most efficient and best use of your smartphone, you have to learn how to use it. And you can even choose to use it well.

Your mind is no different. Imagine it like a computer. It has memory, interconnected programs, data in and data out. Here’s the big question… Where did you learn how to use it?

The answer for 90% of the 7 billion people on the planet is “nowhere.” Your parents, although most having had good intentions, likely didn’t know how to use their mind, thoughts, words and actions effectively. What you gained from them is default behaviors and ways of viewing things, many of which are limiting. Your schools and teachers taught you subject specific content that was nothing more than ‘data in,’ they didn’t teach you how to use your mind either. The bottom line is that nowhere along the timeline of your life did someone pull you aside and say “Hey you, there are some really cool things you can do with your mind. Most of what you are doing with it is detrimental and limiting, so here’s how you can use it more efficiently!”

Isn’t it time you step out of the monotony and insanity? Positive, effective and empowering change is awaiting you, if you are courageous enough to step on board this fast train to a happier, healthier, more productive life. Let me know when you are ready.

In the meantime, learn more about The Power of Your Thoughts from one of my speaking engagements at a World On A String Inspirational Evening:

The Power of Your Thoughts from Dawn Grant- Mental Trainer on Vimeo.

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