John Woolley will be ‘Looking At The Bird’ this weekend at Seminole Cup

February 20, 2013

Along with many other Clay Shooters, John Woolley, will be ‘Looking At The Bird’ this weekend at the Seminole Cup. In the Clay Shooting world, John Woolley and his phrase (spoken in a British accent) “Look At The Bird” are as famous as Nike and their slogan “Just Do It.” There is good reason for this! John is not only well accomplished as a Clay Shooting competitor, he is a world renowned instructor, writer, championship and private course designer, has served as Captain of both the US Veterans Sporting Clays team as well as the Veterans FITASC team, and sells shotguns to shotgun sports enthusiasts. Many of John’s students have become winning international shooters.

Of John Woolley’s many accomplishments, he has won 2 world champion titles, World Professional Doubles Championship and the Beretta World Sporting Clays Championship, has represented Great Britain many times on their four man National Team, and has won 12 Gold Medals and 1 Silver.

John has a great website where you can get information on his many ventures, including individual and group lessons, 3 day clinics, and gunfitting.

Since early 2010, I have been working with John on the mental aspect of his game. It may surprise folks that such a high level achiever would seek out help for their mental skills, but it’s no surprise to me. Being that I have worked with several dozen elite athletes… there is one thing we all have in common, we are human with mental thought patterns and beliefs that limit our ability to be the best we can be… at anything we put our mind to.

When John sees that one of his students is struggling with confidence, fears, doubts, worries, or debilitating expectations, he sends him or her to me. John has come to recognize that one’s mental skill set can make or break their progress and performance; and, at times, in order for him to see progress in their mechanics, they have to gain some control over their mind. It has been great working with John’s students because they are very receptive and ready to get to work. Mainly because they have such great respect and admiration for him, they trust his referral to me. Every one of them is proud to be working with John, but they are also honored to call him a friend. Because John is more than an instructor to his students, he treats them like family. He welcomes them into his home where is Fiancé and Home-Chef, Gretchen, tantalizes their taste buds with splendid home-cooked meals, Woolley labeled wine, and tons of laughter. He has a loyal following because he has earned it with his moral character and values.

I have also had the pleasure of working together with John in one of his 3 day clinics. In November 2012, at Amelia Shotgun Sports, we did a combo platter where we split the group in half and while he worked outside with one set on their mechanics, I worked inside with the other on their mental. By the third day, I was on the course with them coaching in the implementation of their mental skills. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Things don’t stop there though, like thousands and thousands before me, I have been honored to receive shooting instruction from John. He is very good at teaching fantastic shooting skills, a gift that has come naturally to him for many decades. It’s been great having John so close by, as my son, Charlie, and I have enjoyed lessons with John while having some great quality time together. We both have John’s British voice programmed in our heads, saying “Look At The Bird.”


Since John has moved from Amelia Shotgun Sports to bigger and better endeavors, it is best to contact his Fiancé and Personal Assistant, Gretchen, to schedule some time 904-631-1365.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at the Seminole Cup, where I will be watching John Woolley “Looking At The Bird”

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