Living the Virtues Series: Trust in Life

October 25, 2014

Trust in Life 

       How many times have you questioned life? When was the last time you thought: Well, that’s not how it was supposed to go!? Does it seem to you that life has a life of it’s own? Do you wish that things were different? Have you built up resentment towards your life situations? All these negatively displayed thought patterns can hold you back from enjoying life. Life exists around you at all times. What needs to be done is to trust life. Trusting in life means to let go and let life unfold. Now that is not to say that you cannot shape things surrounding life’s extremities, but it means that you know the universe “has your back” so to speak. Learning to trust life is a pretty important virtue. When you step out of all of those times when you stated “Life’s not fair,” and actually take a mature approach, things will unfold for you like never before.


      There is so much more going on than what we perceive. The tiny bubble you think you are living in can’t even hold a spark to the staggering enormity of the universe. This quote, by Richard Bach, is pretty befitting to today’s topic of Trust in Life: “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” It takes a look at the tiny part of life that only the caterpillar sees. If the caterpillar had the ability to trust life he would see the amazing transformation and know that what awaits him is far greater than he could imagine. Funny, but we often have limited thinking just like the caterpillar. But the master is the one who can observe on a broader perspective. The master knows enough to trust the process.


       The sooner that you can grasp this understanding in your life and learn to trust, the better off you’ll be. A world of possibilities is waiting for you. The universe beckons you with overflowing gifts. Why do you still choose to be stubborn and frustrated? Why do you resist?  It is true that your mind often fails to understand the complexities of life and it’s galactic proportions. Perhaps the only viable tool humans have to consider the grander schemes is our brain. And while our brains fall prey to the petulant conscious mind, it behooves us to take it all in from a subconscious level. Life is a precious beautiful thing. Learning to trust life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


       As with all Living the Virtues Series, I bequeath you affirmations to implement into your daily life. These little positive saying will help you learn to trust and transform your life. And who wouldn’t want that? You can practice these affirmations everywhere. This week’s affirmations are: “I feel secure in my ability to trust life.” “I set out each day, trusting that life is as it should be.” “I trust in the things in my life beyond my visual scope.” “I choose to trust in life and let go of my fears.” Make sure you practice these little golden nuggets in order to release you from the things that hold you back. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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