Living the Virtues Series: Trust in Others

October 12, 2014

Trust in Others


Did you ever hear the expression: “life is what you make of it?” I find that to be very true. Whatever you display outwardly is how others perceive you. If you go about your day with a frown, chances are good that your frown will be met with another frown and maybe even unkind words. Living a virtuous life is not only tantamount to your overall peace and well being, but it begs for you to look at life from a serene and happy standpoint. Last week, I blogged about trusting in yourself. This is momentous in gaining clarity but also promoting healthy relationships. This week, I delve a little further into trust. Trust in others begins with yourself. I hope you have been practicing your affirmations from last week. Now it’s time to go out and feel what it’s like to trust others. The quote I chose today is from Walter Anderson: “We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.”


What happens if you never get to the point of allowing yourself to trust others? Walter is telling us from this quote that if we don’t learn to trust others, we can never fully experience love or joy. Those are two huge things that sustain any human relationship, whether it is with yourself or others. Do you feel that you are allowing yourself to trust in others? Certainly, there are times when you may realize that you are incompatible with another person. Sometimes you get gut feelings. The importance is to be able to trust yourself to recognize these feelings or signs. Again, if you haven’t learned to trust yourself, it is impossible to trust others.


There are people that have a blind trust in others. This is not beneficial to you or anyone within your circle because it opens you up to a certain vulnerability. Now don’t get me wrong, trusting in others will make you vulnerable, but when you open up to possibilities, there you will find love and joy. The point is to learn how to trust in yourself first. Then you can practice trusting in others.


Trust is a difficult virtue to acquire. I often suggest mental training to people who have a hard time with this virtue. If you want to be able to trust yourself and others but find yourself lost or confused about the steps it takes to implement trust in your life, contact me. I am always willing to help.


As with all the blogs on the Living the Virtues Series, I give you affirmations to help you practice and implement each virtue into your life. This week’s affirmations are: “I am attracted to people that I can trust.” “I am learning to trust my gut feeling when it comes to others.” “I like being able to trust people.” “Trusting in others gives me a sense of peace.” “I am learning to develop trusting relationships.” Practice saying these affirmations each day. Focus your intentions outwardly. Meditate on the meaning of each phrase and pay attention to the people you interact with on a daily basis. Learning to build trust in others is crucial to reaching love and joy in your life. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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