Prepare for Peak Performance

April 21, 2015

If you are a violinist and you have a recital, you prepare, right? If you are a CEO and have a business meeting with an important client, you prepare, right? So it only makes sense that when you have a big competition, game, or event, you prepare, right? I cannot stress the importance of preparing yourself for certain events throughout life. But “to prepare” can mean so many things. I am going to write about your sports performance today and how you can prepare. The suggestion I use is: “I train my mind to see good in myself, to feel prepared & confident in who I am & what I bring to my game & life.”

How can you train your mind to see good in yourself? Part of the problem when you reflect on yourself is you see faults. However, when you do this, when you concentrate on your lacks, you are limiting your abilities. You are physically decreasing your energy. Those emotions and feelings are being labeled as certain sensations in the body which in turn are being labeled by you like anxiety, depression, lethargy. When you have a low vibrational energy, you do not perform well. This means you have to turn yourself around. Look at the positive, make yourself feel good. When you raise your vibrations, you have a more positive attitude and can play better therefore peaking your performance.

Train your mind to see the good in yourself by uplifting yourself. Being aware that you have negative thoughts about yourself and stopping them is tough for some, but persevere. When you recognize the ego’s attempts at bringing you down, stop and reverse it.

To prepare oneself means to get your head in the game and bring everything to the table. You will not feel prepared if you have been slacking off. Just like the scenarios from above, each person has a way to prepare herself for the goings-on of the day. If its a tournament, you have a checklist that usually involves practice, maneuvers, skillset, instruments, mental game, sleep, etc. All those things aid in preparation for an event, and to peak your performance. Make things like practice a priority in order to prepare yourself for a better mental game.

There is a shifty mindset here though. Sometimes if you practice you will feel well and it will motivate you to do better, however, maybe you think you have so many years of experience you don’t need to practice. Your mind will play games so be careful. Make sure you are prepared to the best of your abilities and convince your mind of that. Everything you think will effect your overall performance.

Find a balance of your human self. Make sure you are taking care of who you are to the best of your ability. That means eating well, meditating, exercising, etc. If you store up negative energy, it will bring you down, so always check your mindset.

Confidence in who you are comes from choosing to do well and the progress that you have made. However, even if you didn’t like the outcome of your last event, there is room to learn here. Look at the things you need to fix and don’t be discouraged. Take it, learn from it, and move on. Doing this builds confidence in yourself and your game. Train your mind to be confident in what you bring to your game and life.

“I train my mind to see good in myself, to feel prepared & confident in who I am & what I bring to my game & life.” Training your mind is not an easy task. Sometimes we have old habits that like to stick around. What’s worse is when we let our egos dictate our mindsets. Concentrate on finding good in yourself, kicking old habits and resetting your mind to a prepared and confident outlook. If you practice these things, you will begin to see your game and life turn over in a positive way. You can achieve peak performance. Thanks for reading. InJoy your day!

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