Sports Improvement: April’s Theme

April 07, 2014

In 2007 my private practice took a large turn when Sports Improvement was added to my menu of services. Yes, I had worked with a few athletes here and there prior to this… a Pro Boxer, and a few baseball and tennis players, but nothing like what was starting to happen. Unbeknown to me, this turn ended up sending me down a very rewarding and success-filled path. I didn’t just stick my toes into Sports Improvement, I jumped in with two feet into the PGA TOUR. Within a few months I was working with about a dozen PGA TOUR Pros and flown to tournaments a few times month.

I was helping some of the most elite golfers to clear their heads of clutter and to use their minds more constructively. The intensity and excitement of this grew considerably when I was contacted by Vijay Singh in 2008, a week prior to the FedEx Cup playoff series. Many remember this pivotal time in Vijay’s career. He had gone from being the only Pro to ever beat out Tiger as best in the world, to barely winning 1 tournament in an 18 month period. The cameras followed him to catch his putting foul-ups, many predicted his career was over, and he was mentally falling apart.

With my mental training and hypnotherapy, we worked together on his attitude, mindset and beliefs pertaining to his putting for 3 full days, then he confidently set off on a jet plane to The Barclays believing himself to be ‘The Best Putter In The World.’ A 26’ birdie putt on a playoff hole, a tournament record, 2 wins, a change from 125th PGA TOUR ranking for putting average to a 7th place ranking, and $13 million dollars later, and history was made.

Want more details, here’s some info on the PGA & Vijay as a Plunge into the Sports Improvement Arena

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After Vijay flew off as ‘The Best Putter In The World,’ I watched him on TV every day, sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for any sign as to whether the hard work would pay off. Fortunately, by Saturday, it was evident that it was. By Sunday, it wasn’t only evident, his confident walk was back and he was kicking butt. Three Pros tied for first, Vijay Singh, Kevin Sutherland, and Sergio Garcia; and went into playoff holes. Kevin fell out under the pressure on the first hole. Sergio and Vijay went on to play another, where their 30’ putts on opposing sides of the hole put us into suspense. With Vijay’s well-known 18 months of putting ‘problems,’ everyone felt certain that Sergio would win the event even before the putts were taken. But {{surprise}} Vijay rolled in his 26-foot birdie putt to extend the playoff which he eventually won. To the obvious surprise of commentators, he later announced himself Live on TV as ‘The Best Putter In The World’ when interviewed by the Golf Channel. Hmmm, where would he have ever received that programming?

In the second week, Vijay and the rest of the 115 field were heading to The Deutsche Bank Championship. Where, as many of you know, not only did he win again, he shot a tournament record of -22. We know the turn-around was in his putting because when the playoffs started, Vijay’s putting average was 1.801 putts per hole, which ranked 125th on the PGA TOUR. But at The Barclays, his putting average changed to 1.736, and he ranked a respectable 32nd on TOUR. And by the next week at the Deutsche Bank, he was even better – with a 1.627 average, placing him 7th on TOUR!

Due to these two wins, by the time Vijay was going into the fourth and final FedEx Cup Playoff event, The TOUR Championship, he had to do little more than finish all four rounds without disqualification, which he proceeded to do. Vijay won a total of $13 million through this glorious month, and I couldn’t have been more proud and excited to have been a part of it all.

Needless to say, my Sports Improvement days had a significant jump start, and have yet to lose momentum. I’ve worked one-on-one with several dozen PGA TOUR Pros, and many more have bought my Golf Improvement Hypnosis Products. Doors have opened for me to work with hundreds of other elite and competitive athletes, with thousands globally reaping benefit from my Sports Improvement Hypnosis Products.

What I offer is very different from what most Sports Trainers offer, mainly due to the fact that I am a hypnotherapist with extensive understanding and working-knowledge of the conscious and subconscious. Athletes want to perform from the subconscious and be in The Zone State, and I can help them to do this. Helping people access their subconscious mind is what I do, and have been doing since 2001.

Working with athletes has been some of the most rewarding hours of my career. They are highly motivated, disciplined, and committed. They aren’t afraid to take a look at themselves and fix what needs fixing; and, fortunate for them, they are in a position to receive the immediate gratification of their efforts via their improved scores and wins. Are you ready to take your sport to another level? It is easy to master your mind when you are properly taught how to do it. Let’s get you started! All month I will be offering free help in my Advice Blog, and Sports Improvement Product discounts.

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