TEAM USA Super School January 2014

March 18, 2014

TEAM USA Super School January 27th 2014

I had the wonderful honor for the second year in a row, of being invited by Judy Morris to be a guest speaker at the TEAM USA Super School at South Florida Shooting Club. This is one of four Super Schools that are offered quarterly throughout the year and being the second year in a row that TEAM USA has offered these schools that I am privileged to attend. TEAM USA consists of the best shooters in the United States of America whose performances at competitions have consistently shown that they succeed far beyond average and have been able to prover over time that they have mastered their skills.

TEAM USA travels to many different events and in an effort to fund these events the Super School was created. Several TEAM USA members volunteer their time and teach students of all ages how to peak their performances. The students pay a fee and a small number are accepted into this two-day-program. The students revolve between the different instructors. They have instructions in group settings, for several hours at at time and then rotate. South Florida Shooting Club is a gorgeous setting for this first Super School of the year. Although I enjoy going out and watching and being a part of the Super School, this year I was occupied with appointments and clients and I was not able to watch any of the performances. But all is well, because I was able to prepare and be ready to speak to them at the end of the day during their cocktail and dinner time.

This year’s TEAM USA Super School participants not only got to learn about the power of their subconscious mind, but also how and why their conscious mind interferes with their ability to perform well. They were educated about the truth of hypnosis and how a hypnotic state and regular practice can help a person transition out of a full conscious state of performance to shooting from the subconscious level. They even got to have a first hand experience at trying hypnosis during my lecture. Many of them were obviously very pleased and happy with how calm they were able to get their minds and bodies, seeing very clearly then, the benefits of regular practice and hypnosis and the ability to clear one’s mind and calm one’s body. The ability to have a calm mind and body with a focus concentration, determination and drive makes for an outstanding performance on the range. It was an honor to be a participant in TEAM USA Super School 2014 at the South Florida Shooting Club and I look forward to many more opportunities to help TEAM USA and their endeavors.

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