The Obesity Epidemic and Weight Loss

March 06, 2014

March’s Theme is Health and Weight Loss

    We are eating more junk and getting less exercise. Obesity is the globes newest epidemic. It’s a Fat World.  Fat for Life? Six million kids are seriously overweight.  Does any of this sound familiar? These are some of the topics from Newsweek for several years running now. Maybe it took some people by surprise that this would be posted on the front of a magazine and stated as an epidemic but if you’ve been taking a look around at the people in your community, or on TV, or the people you see when you travel, it won’t be much of a surprise to see this epidemic displayed all over regarding our size, weight and health. I help a lot of people with a lot of different problems. They come to me mainly to change habits, thought patterns and behaviors. Weight Loss is actually one of the most common issues in which people seek help from hypnotherapy. Since around the year 2000 I have been regularly helping clients with weight loss issues. I got into hypnotherapy because I enjoy helping people and I like to see quick successful results. That is what was so attractive to me about hypnosis. I had seen, and then confirmed through my work, that people could make rapid change, seemingly miraculous changes. This got my attention. Going into college looking for a degree in psychology, I knew I wanted to help people from a young age. I saw the traditional methods in psychology weren’t as successful and eventful as I had hoped. Hypnotherapy fit the description as the tool I wanted to use to help people become a success. I wanted to see profound and obvious change in people. Here is the interesting twist regarding weight loss: It’s been recorded that I have helped people quit smoking within one hour. I am seriously talking about someone who smoked two packs a day for forty years. In one hour of hypnotherapy I had gotten him to quit. That is only one story, but over and over again, I am able to witness miraculous change when a client seeks my help; changing a habit so ingrained that the client had tried everything else to quit but to no avail. Imagine my delight when in one hour I could help someone quit smoking a habit that had been so ingrained that they have tried so many other ways to stop without success. In the next hour, I had a weight loss client that made little to no progress. This was very discouraging to me especially with the success rate that I have had. This was so disturbing that I have been on a decade journey of understanding this epidemic that Newsweek has identified. There are so many other news sources, books, and magazines that have been printing this for years.

I was one of many trying to crack the code, trying to figure out what was going on, recognizing there was such a big problem with obesity. I even did trial and error at home (not to say that I have an obesity issue) but I have put on an extra ten to fifteen pounds and have even struggled to get it off especially as I have gotten older. But I do not think anymore that it is a matter of age. What I have learned from my research is that it is more of a matter of “junking-up” your body and metabolism. I believed I was eating healthful when I really wasn’t and having been sold all these products that seemingly made life easier but it was poison I was putting in my body and our bodies store it into fat cells in order to save our various organs from the chemicals. There are these little storage units that store away the toxins. These little storage units are found in our fat cells. I had no idea that these things were occurring in my body let alone all my clients’ bodies.

Over many years of researching, talking with healthcare professionals, studying cases, studying weight loss clients, trying different things, and doing different cleanses, eating what appeared to be healthy foods, I still noticed that the bodies were carrying extra weight. None of it seemed to be working effectively. I began to feel compassionate and quite sad for the people that were struggling with much greater weight issues and I started to see there are so many misconceptions out there as to what healthy eating is. It has gotten to a point that when I ask a client to explain what they are eating (by the way, these are clients that seek me out for other issues) they will say “I am eating healthy” but I want to know details. Because what I’ve come to see is that what we think is healthy and what actually is healthy are not the same thing.

We buy with our eyes; we eat with our eyes.  We are being marketed. For more than 30 years, TV, magazines, print, internet, stores, billboards, etc. have been leading us down a chicanery of food deception. They research what appeals to us and make us believe it’s what we need.   When really what we need to recognize is that we are being taken by marketing geniuses who know how to manipulate our minds. We have been led astray by companies that are looking to make top dollar, whose greed and egos have made it more important to fill their pockets than to care about the people. Lets give them a little credit. Maybe it is possible that the “higher-ups” don’t even know the truth since the masses don’t even know the truth. The truth is simple. It is common sense. As I stated in a previous blog article common sense in eating is very uncommon. It is not 100% our fault. We are not learning it in school. We learn the food pyramid but it’s WAY off. It has actually changed but I am still not impressed with what the government implemented recently. It seems even more confusing and less clear. For instance, there is so much information out there about grains. A book called Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis has been a huge success in opening up our eyes as to what wheat does to our bodies. There have been great documentaries like Fast Food Nation and Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Our eyes are being opened. But for so many, it’s almost as if it’s too late, because it is going to take a complete overhaul to do things differently. Do not despair though. I can help you with all of those areas in your life.

This is the next phase of what I started to learn. If you look through my eyes as being a hypnotherapist, I see things as habit. Repetition of thought or behaviors get reinforced, compounded, and then autopilot mode sets in where it is a part of familiarity, and is continued on a daily basis. So what I have come to find out is that obesity is an epidemic, but weight loss is a comprehensive issue. It is a lot more than just eating three healthy meals a day or half portions at mealtime with healthy snacking, (which was what I was taught when I first learned how to be a hypnotherapist helping people with weight loss). Being able to lose weight and be healthy must be attacked from many different angles. How we go about our day-to-day lives, what we do when we wake up in the morning, what we do for lunch, the places where we go when we are leaving work, what we bring IF we bring anything to work, what we do for dinner, especially when we are busy, what types of foods we actually grocery shop for, where do you go in the grocery store, what isles are familiar? Where do you go for a quick dinner? What do you grab? What types of foods do you keep in the house? (because those items are what you know) What do you grab when you are sad, happy, bored, or lonely? It’s the types of drinks that you put into your body because they “taste good” to you. What do you do on weekends, holidays, and celebrations? What do you do at social events? Food is what is being offered at every angle. But here is the thing: Can we actually call that food fuel for our bodies? The true answer is no. Unfortunately, major food distributors and companies have blindsided us with tricky packaging such as: whole grain or sugar-free. In reality, our bodies are just being fed more poisons and chemicals.

Even with the truth of food ingredients lurking in your minds, it becomes clear that this epidemic so much more than food. It is your exercise level, but unfortunately for most people that are overweight they do not like to exercise. It is your hydration. What fluids are you putting in your bodies? I have spoken to many people that will adamantly defend the right to drink diet soda. As I said earlier, if you look at the ingredients, you know it is full of chemicals and guess where those chemicals go? They go into the storage units in your fat cells. This is your body’s defense against those chemicals effecting your organs. A lot of people are drinking alcohol regularly which has a high content of sugar and toxins. Well, we know what is happening there also. Studies have shown that even our sleep or lack-of is contributing to the epidemic of obesity. Lets throw in the emotional issues. I have helped many clients that have put on weight as a protective layer in hopes of keeping people away for fear of rejection, abuse, etc. Many of them share the sentiment that they do not deserve to do any different or that life is not worth living any differently. Are you starting to see how comprehensive this is? It is a lot more than taking a diet pill (which by the way is full of toxins). It is much more than joining the next fad in dieting. One of the reasons I rave about The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy  is that she understands what horrible eating habits do to our insides. We have damaged our bodies. We have damaged the functioning of our organs, we have damaged the excretion of hormones by eating poisons. The obesity epidemic, the fact that we are putting fat on our bodies is only the external visual that we have of the damage that we are doing. The internal is more serious; throughout the entire body. The Fast Metabolism Diet author, Haylie Pomroy explains what nutrition and healthy eating does, how it benefits your organs, how it kick-starts your glands to produce the right amount of hormones, how to ultimately slim down. It will take you on a journey where your body is free at last. It is almost as if it is begging you to do this. Your body wants to be free to function as it is meant to do. I encourage you to take a look at The Fast Metabolism Diet and all the products that I will be releasing to contribute to this comprehensive obesity problem.


I am here to tell you the fundamentals you thought about weight loss are untrue. Take a deep breath and forget everything you have ever read or tried concerning weight loss. Obesity is an epidemic, just look around you. Weight loss is a comprehensive issue. I am here to help you get on track. I will tackle it one issue at a time starting with a “ Motivation for Change Hypnosis,” then moving into healthy eating habits, healthy hydration habits, and exercise motivation. All of these will be introduced this month and available for purchase. This epidemic is much more extensive than people realize and it is going to take a lot more than just changing your eating habits. I have taken it on as a personal mission to address every single angle of weight loss. I want you to be victorious. I want you to be healthy. I want your body to be lean and happy. I wish you much success.

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