Time for a Change?

October 26, 2012

Only you know the answer to that. Ultimately, all significant change occurs only after a person has decided they are ready to change for themselves. Not because their coach, parent, doctor, or significant other tells them to, but when a person looks within and recognized that it is time. In order for a person to get to the point when they recognize it is time to do something different, what they are doing has to not be working for them anymore… what once might have been perceived as fun or good, has to now be recognized as a hindrance, unproductive, or unhealthy.

Change can be very challenging because a person has to leave their comfort zone, they have to modify something which has become familiar and go against what has now become a habit. But with determination, focus and commitment, anyone can make any change to themselves, their life, and to their golf game. Many need outside assistance to implement the change, and why wouldn’t they? Don’t feel there is something wrong if you seek help, you are the one IN the pattern of behavior, an outside perspective and assistance will make your transformation many times easier. Not to mention, an expert will be able to see more clearly what needs to change and be able to give you clear, concise guidance, coaching and support through the modification.

So, think about what areas of your life that have become unhealthy or unproductive. Whether it is time to lose weight, change your golf swing, or change a bad habit… make a commitment to yourself and take action in your life.

Albert Einstein once said, and many believe, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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