Trap Shooter Gun Mount Follow Through Hypnosis

May 15, 2013

As a trap shooter, has recoil ever caused you to come out of the gun too early? Maybe there are other reasons why you find yourself lowering the gun too soon. You know it is best to stay in the gun long after you’ve pulled the trigger but it’s almost like bringing it down is out of your control. This tells us that the ingrained habit is to come out of the gun and not have proper follow through. A new habit has to be established, but that is tricky to do on your own. Dawn’s incredible Trap Shooter Gun Mount Follow Through Hypnosis will help you build the new habit of staying in the gun until you clearly see the results of your shot.

 Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Continually look down the barrel of your gun long after shooting at the target, until you’ve clearly seen the results before you
  • Move the gun to the target and shoot, easily leaving your head on the stock of the gun
  • Confident and committed to the shot, staying in the gun
  • Everything you do after calling for the target is natural, easy and calm
  • Staying on the gun after you shoot, your gun mount follow through is easy, natural, automatic and familiar

Included In Purchase:

  • Instructions PDF
  • “Intro To The Mind” Video
  • Trap Shooter Gun Mount Follow Through Hypnosis MP3 Audio

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