Book I Recommend: Sacred Contracts: The Journey

posted on April 18, 2014 by Dawn Grant

myss 2Carolyn Myss’ work on Sacred Contracts and archetypes has helped me tremendously to, not only understand my unique tendencies, but to understand the uniqueness in each of my clients. The more I have learned about archetypes, the more I have been able to empower myself, and, therefore, be able to help others be empowered also. This little book is a quick reference guide to some of the most common archetypes. I recommend it along with the Sacred Contracts main book: Awakening Your Divine Potential

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Sacred Contracts: The Journey

Caroline Myss’ New York Times bestseller Sacred Contracts invites readers to gain a unique perspective on their lives by working with a family of personal archetypes and their location on the Archetypal Wheel, similar in format to an astrological chart. Sacred Contracts: The Journey expands on the insights contained in the book and introduces whole new levels of awareness. We are each born with a Sacred Contract, an agreement to learn certain lessons and develop wisdom in this lifetime. Among our allies in the pursuit of wisdom is a set of 12 archetypes drawn from the inexhaustible well of the collective unconscious. Recognizing those archetypes within our psyche helps us learn how to benefit from their energies. Those 12 archetypes, when placed on the Archetypal Wheel through an intuitive process, make up your Chart of Origin, a diagram of key forces at work throughout your entire life. Although they are your primary archetypal patterns, however, they are not the only ones that influence you. There are countless archetypes in the collective unconscious, most of which come into play only in specific situations. Discovering the identity and function of the secondary archetypes in relation to your psyche is the goal of Sacred Contracts: The Journey. It is an interactive experience that can be used alone or by up to four people, and can add new layers of insight to that provided by your Chart of Origin. These levels represent a heightened understanding of archetypes that Caroline has developed since she wrote Sacred Contracts. Sacred Contracts: The Journey is a way of seeking guidance for a particular question or issue in each participant’s life. You name the matter on which you are seeking guidance at the beginning of the Journey, and compile insights and guidance as you move along.

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Sacred Contracts: The Journey

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Book I Recommend: Sacred Contracts: The Journey posted on April 18, 2014 by Dawn Grant

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