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Clay Shooting Online Course 101: The Foundation

1 Month of Weekly Virtual Classes which includes 4 Classes, each running between 1 to 1 1/2 hours each.

Course 101 Includes:
Module 1: Create Peak Performance: The Mindset Of A Winner
1. Performance Improves In The Zone
2. Easily Access The Zone
3. Master The Mind To Help You Not Hinder You
4. 6 Tools To Get In The Zone Now

The program series is taught by Video Recording of Dawn’s Training Instruction, with accompanying Slide Presentation.

Slides for note keeping are provided for each class as PDF Downloads.

It is recommended that you view 1 class a week, while practicing the suggested Homework between classes. This is the most efficient way for you to undergo the Training Process and gain Mastery over the Teachings, Methods and Mental Skills.

You can do this program from the luxury of your living room or office, and at your convenience.

*Important* Please DO NOT watch all the classes back-to-back over a day or two… this would not allow for the Techniques to become Mastered and would not give you the best use of your investment.


What you will learn in Clay Shooting Mental Training 101: The Foundation:

  • My mental training process and its effective differences compared to traditional methods
  • Fundamentals of the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the limitations of the Ego
  • Fictions and truths about the Zone state
  • The 8 highly achievable Zone puzzle pieces which will help you to get in the Zone and stay there
  • Brain wave states and the benefits of Alpha, Theta states for optimal shooting performance
  • Shooting from Subconscious vs. Conscious
  • Why you shoot better when you “don’t care” and how to learn to Let Go
  • The truth about Hypnosis and how you can use it to peak your performance
  • Stress and Anxiety vs. Calm and Present
  • Skill sets that can be mastered and then used to manage your mind on the course
  • 6 Tools of the Invisible Tool Belt
  • 20min Hypnosis for Transformation included ($79.95 value)
  • Clay Shooting Hypnosis audios discounted 25%


Follow Course 101 with Course 201: Knowledgeable and Course 301: Proficient… contact to get started



See what others are saying about Dawn’s Online Courses:

“I placed first in class A FITASC at the Caribbean Cup, and second in class A FITASC Gator Cup. Since I started your online course 5 months ago, I have gone from A class to AA class. Your system and classes really work well for me.” -Anonymous

“I’m really pleased with your presentation and the content of the classes so far and I’m looking forward to the next series”-M.M.

“I am very excited about the information you have shared with us in the online course so far. My wife is now your biggest fan.” -John Fowler



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