Less Stress & Greater Joy

Would you like to live your life with less stress and greater joy?  I certainly would (and fortunately have been.)  Over the years of being a hypnotherapist, I have seen how much of an impact stress has on people’s lives and I’ve experienced some really great light bulb moments along the way.  I have collected lots of evidence from watching clients progress, along with those who did not.  Throughout that process I have learned a great deal about stress, and have found that it is not what most of us have come to believe it is.

People spend a lot of time trying to change things outside of themselves, believing that holds the key to their happiness or joy.  They may say things like:  “If my husband or wife would only do this differently, then I’d be happy”, or; “If my boss would stop doing that, then I’d be happy”, or maybe; “If I had a particular kind of house or a certain amount of money in the bank, then I’d be happy.”  As long as people hold those particular beliefs, then when they don’t have those things that they think they need to be happy, they become agitated and feel ‘stressed’.  Their thoughts about not being as successful as they’d like, not having the quality relationships they feel they deserve, or whatever else they believe should be different – they all create stress in the body.  It is the physical reactions to these kinds of thoughts that I define as stress.

So what I have seen, then, is that there are three layers to stress.  First, is what actually happens in the physical body.  Second, are the thoughts that create stress in the body.  Third, and the layer that is furthest removed from us, is the external event – whatever that may be.  People tend to think that the external event causes them to feel ‘stressed’, but it does not.  It is not their husband, wife, boss or house that they live in that causes them to feel stress or joy.  It’s their thoughts about those things that cause it.  I am sure you have heard the saying “We are our own worst enemy”.  This is a good example of why that is true.

This is such a huge life lesson, it is tricky to learn and apply, but I sincerely hope you can start to identify stress in the manner so you can start experiencing greater joy today.  If you would like more information or help, please read through my blog entries pertaining to Less Stress And Greater Joy or contact me.

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