Living The Virtues

Ready for happiness and peace in life? If so, then learning how to live by the virtues will help you to do it, in a big way! Virtues are the essence of the human spirit and the content of our character; they are characteristics which promote individual and collective well-being. Not only can we practice them ourselves, we can role model them so as help the younger generations to live them as well.

We can study and deliberately live with virtues, like: acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, trust, humility, helpfulness, peacefulness, compassion, kindness, joyfulness, prayerfulness, and love.

Virtues can be applied in several different areas of our life. We can practice living the virtues in relationship to ourselves, where we can deliberately work on self-awareness, actualization, inner peace, compassion and love of self.

We can live the virtues in our relationships with others through deliberate work on forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, care, compassion and love of others.

In our relationship with life, we can also live the virtues by deliberately working on balancing being present in each moment with a sense of peace, responsibility and acceptance of life. While still having preferences, goals and direction.

One last area for which I believe we can live the virtues is in our relationship with faith and as a spiritual principle. For our spiritual and religious growth we can implement deliberate practices in peace and love, while working on our spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Practices in living the virtues will bring about the greatest level of happiness and peace in our life, but this isn’t easy work. A commitment to the study and mindful implementation of the skills are necessary, and I would like to help you to make the shift toward this enlightenment. My Living The Virtues Blog will assist you, as well as my Living The Virtues Products. Feel free to contact me if you would like individualized help in living the virtues.

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