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Dawn has developed many virtual ways for you to receive help through her training program and hypnosis. All affordably priced and conveniently accessible from anywhere there’s internet.

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The Elusive Zone For Clay Shooters

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Online Courses

5 Month Training Program

Through dozens of years helping people to be their best self in life and in sport, Dawn developed a training program. She takes people through a step by step process which gives them mind mastery, success and joy. Hey training program has been adapted to help people in specific areas of their life in which they want peal performance.

Clay Shooter's Winning Solution Online Course

Athlete's Mind Game Mastery Online Course

Golfer's Mind Game Mastery Online Course

An online course from Dawn designed to help you tap into the zone, master your thoughts, focus your mind and shoot life never before.

Enjoy performing and get consistent results without ever losing focus. Featuring cutting edge mental training that will revolutionize your game.

Enjoy performance and get consistent results without ever losing focus. Featuring cutting edge mental training that will revolutionize your golf game.

Success: Peak Human Performance Online Course

Stress-Free, Mindful Living Online Course

Weight Loss & Wellness Online Course

Genuinely feel you are offering your best with confidence and focus, while free of anxiety, worries and fears.

Genuinely have peace of mind and enjoyment of life, while free of regret, worries and fears. Improve your mind and life.

Easily drop pounds and create new healthy habits, while overcoming the blocks to your overall wellness. Learn powerful mental training and skills that will transform your life and body.

Mental Training On Demand

7 Day Free Trail | $12.99/Month

Exclusive full access to over 100 hours of mental training in Dawn's video training library. Watch and listen to great life-changing content on many helpful topics. All within one affordable, simple subscription.

Hypnosis Downloads

Instant Downloads | Access Anywhere, Anytime

Dawn's hypnosis audios are very specific to a topic, they will give you immediate help in that particular area. The title of each audio gives you an idea of the topic covered.

Mind Mastered

7 Day Free Trail | $12.99/Month | $69.99/Year

Highly efficient, effective, affordable, customizable hypnosis for powerful, quick change to unhealthy habits and limiting mindsets.


Dawn has limited time to do private sessions.

She encourages customers to look into her highly effective online courses, lectures, clinics, workshops, retreats, hypnosis downloads and video library subscription for assistance in making powerful, positive changes.

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