Genuinely have peace of mind and enjoyment of life,

while free of regret, worries and fears


Genuinely have peace of mind and enjoyment of life,

while free of regret, worries and fears



Through dozens of years of helping people to be their best self in life and in sports, Dawn developed a comprehensive, highly effective mind training program. She takes people through a step by step process which gives them mind mastery, success and joy. Her training program has been adapted to help people in specific areas of their life in which they want peak performance... She offers programs for golfers, clay shooters, all athletes; and for those wanting stress-free mindful living, success, and weight loss & wellness. Pick the training that works best for you!


Module 1: Peak Human Performance: The Mindset Of A Master

1. Human Performance Improves In The Stress-Free Zone

2. Easily Access The Stress-Free Zone

3. Master The Mind To Help You Not Hinder You

4. 6 Tools To Get In The Stress-Free Zone Now

What You Will Learn In Module 1

• My mental training process and its effective differences compared to traditional methods

• Fundamentals of the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the limitations of the Ego

• Fictions and truths about the Stress-Free Zone state

• The 8 highly achievable Stress-Free Zone puzzle pieces which will help you to get in the Stress-Free Zone and stay there

• Brain wave states and the benefits of Alpha, Theta states for optimal peace of mind

• Engage in life from Subconscious vs. Conscious

• Why things seem to work out better when you “don’t care” and learn how to Let Go

• The truth about Hypnosis and how you can use it to peak your human performance

• Stress and Anxiety vs. Calm and Present

• Skill sets that can be mastered and then used to manage your mind throughout the day

• 6 Tools of the Invisible Tool Belt


Module 2: Create Equilibrium Now

1. Escape Limitations

2. Focus: Stop Your Wandering Mind and Destructive Thoughts

3. Lock In On The Present Moment

4. Your Thoughts Have Power, Use Them For An Advantage

What You Will Learn In Module 2

• What truly causes anxiety and stress, and how to effectively release them

• Defense mechanisms that could prolong your problems

• How the type of conversations you have with friends, family members and co-workers can either help or hinder you

• 6 Channels of Conscious Mind

• The many different causes of a distracted mind and lack of focus

• Fear based thinking: worries, doubts, regrets, negative expectations

• How your body reacts to fear and its immediate effects on your life and human performance

• Skills to eliminate your fear based thinking


Module 3: Focused And Proficient: Skills to Get You There

1. The Focus Loop: 4 Step Process

2. Ah, The Calm, Quiet Mind: Why Complaining And Avoiding Don’t Work

3. Proficiency And Peak Human Performance: 7 Elements You Must Have

4. Miraculousness: Positive Thinking And Visualization Used Effectively

What You Will Learn In Module 3

• The Focus Loop mental tool

• Achieving “Better Focus,” the real way

• Ending your attention deficit

• How complaining about or avoiding specific situations and certain people can actually be hidden contributor to your on-going frustrations

• Steps towards enjoying your day to day life

• 7 Elements to Peak Human Performance

• Most other people will work on 1 Element and expect to do well, you will learn the other 6 elements that your peak human performance and successes depend upon

• Building Confidence vs tearing it down... there are many ways to build Confidence beside just “winning,” you will learn them

• Proper Positive Thinking and Visualizations, because there are tons of ‘experts’ teaching Positive Thinking and Visualization techniques... much of which don’t work or can even set you up for greater disappointment


Module 4: Consistent and Calm When Under Pressure

1. Didn’t Get Your Way: Overcome Difficult Times

2. Focus On Being Your Best, Not On Musts

3. Consistency: The Coping Skills That Create It

4. Genuinely Enjoy Life Experiences

What You Will Learn In Module 4

• How to efficiently move on after something didn’t go your way

• Keeping the Pressure and Expectations off when things are going well

• Confidence is vital ingredient to consistent, long-term peak human performance, so learn to build Confidence no matter what others say or what is happening in your life

• Proper method of Visualizing for moving on from difficult times

• Post-Segment Routine mental skill tool

• You already know the importance of not being Outcome Focused, I’ll teach you how to actually effectively do it

• The errors unknowingly built into highly recommended Coping Skills like “just forget about it” or “lighten up and have fun”

• Short Term Improvement from Short Term Coping Skills

• Long Term Improvement from Long Term Coping Skills

• Have Fun Again... genuinely, and reap its rewards through better human performance and outcomes


Module 5: Mental Mastery

1. Access The Stress-Free Zone More Frequently Every Day

2. Genuinely Live In The Moment

3. Trust Your True Self And The Power Of Faith

4. Experience The Best In Life And Yourself

What You Will Learn In Module 5

• You don’t have to ignore people you don’t care for in order to stay in the Stress-Free Zone, master powerful mental skills so you can manage your mind through all conversations and comments

• Clear your mind completely of previous experiences before engaging in new experiences

• Set yourself up for success in each new action with Confidence and Stress- Free Zone Focus

• How to actually effectively implement the concept of ‘one moment at a time’ or ‘treat each moment as if it is your first’

• Tools for immediate implementation that will assist you in being your best as frequently as you choose to use them

• Intermission Routine mental skill tool

• Truth behind Focusing Harder and Focusing Better, how neither of them will work if done improperly

• Mastery of proper mental skill of Focus

• Obvious differences between participating in life from Conscious vs the Subconscious

• How to train your Conscious Mind to be cooperative and subservient to your Subconscious

• Genuinely Trusting your Subconscious and your True Self

• Segment Intending mental skill tool

• Benefits of Believing in Yourself and having Faith

• How to genuinely experience a profound level of Self-Esteem and Self-Image

• Mastery over the management of your Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Belief in Yourself


Mindfulness Achieved: Your Empowering Pre-Segment Routine

• Intro To The Mind Video

• 20 Minute Hypnosis For Transformation Audio

• 20% Discount on Hypnosis Audios which correspond to Lessons

• 21 Video Classes (up to 1 1/2 hours each): Recordings of Dawn teaching live with a PowerPoint Presentation

• 21 Sets of Printable Notes from PowerPoint Presentation

What You Will Learn In Bonus Lesson

• Pre-Segment Routine mental skill tool

• How to apply your mental mastery prior to engaging in life experiences

• All the steps which contribute to you being and performing your best in the moment you are entering


The program series is taught by Video Recording of Dawn’s Training Instruction, with accompanying Slide Presentation.

Slides for note keeping are provided for each class as PDF Downloads.

It is recommended that you view 1 class a week while practicing the suggested Homework between classes. This is the most efficient way for you to undergo the Training Process and gain Mastery over the Teachings, Methods and Mental Skills.

Therefore, the classes are delivered to you 1 per week.

You can do this program from the luxury of your living room or office, and at your convenience.

*Important* If you get behind, Please DO NOT watch several classes back-to-back over a day or two… this would not allow for the Techniques to become Mastered and would not give you the best use of your investment.


  • 5 Months of Mental Training
  • Detailed Weekly Lessons

  • Over 30 Hours of Lessons
  • 20 Sets of Course Notes
  • 20+ Course Videos
  • Bonus Course Materials

  • Applicable Professionally & Personally

  • 20 Minute Hypnosis for Transformation Audio
  • 20% Off Recommended Hypnosis Audios
  • Dialogue with Dawn Live Exclusive Access

  • Dawn Grant Mental Training & Hypnosis Network

  • And Much, Much More!


Would you like to live your life with less stress and greater joy? I certainly would (and fortunately have been.) Over the years of being a hypnotherapist, I have seen how much of an impact stress has on people’s lives and I’ve experienced some really great light bulb moments along the way. I have collected lots of evidence from watching clients progress, along with those who did not. Throughout that process I have learned a great deal about stress, and have found that it is not what most of us have come to believe it is.

People spend a lot of time trying to change things outside of themselves, believing that holds the key to their happiness or joy. They may say things like: “If my husband or wife would only do this differently, then I’d be happy”, or; “If my boss would stop doing that, then I’d be happy”, or maybe; “If I had a particular kind of house or a certain amount of money in the bank, then I’d be happy.” As long as people hold those particular beliefs, then when they don’t have those things that they think they need to be happy, they become agitated and feel ‘stressed’. Their thoughts about not being as successful as they’d like, not having the quality relationships they feel they deserve, or whatever else they believe should be different – they all create stress in the body. It is the physical reactions to these kinds of thoughts that I define as stress.

So what I have seen, then, is that there are three layers to stress. First, is what actually happens in the physical body. Second, are the thoughts that create stress in the body. Third, and the layer that is furthest removed from us, is the external event – whatever that may be. People tend to think that the external event causes them to feel ‘stressed’, but it does not. It is not their husband, wife, boss or house that they live in that causes them to feel stress or joy. It’s their thoughts about those things that cause it. I am sure you have heard the saying “We are our own worst enemy”. This is a good example of why that is true.

This is such a huge life lesson, it is tricky to learn and apply, but I sincerely hope you can start to identify stress in the manner so you can start experiencing greater joy today. If you would like more information or help, please read through my Stress-Free, Mindful Living course materials and get my online course to begin creating powerful, positive life changes today.


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