Dawn Grant is a Mental Trainer & Hypnotist. Since 1994, Dawn has been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges, enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment and live their ideal life. With an obvious passion for her work, she has drawn clients globally, including mainstream & elite athletes. Many that are World Champions, Hall of Famers, Team USA & Olympians; 25+ PGA TOUR Pros (averaging 219% increase in earnings), 1000+ Competing Clay Shooters and other Sport Shooters, as well as Pro’s in Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, and Endurance. In 2008, she helped PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh with a mental shift that contributed to his 2 FedEx Cup Playoff wins and his earning of the 2008 FedEx Cup Championship.


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Training Offered:

Motivational Speaking or Coaching

     -All types of events including corporate events & business functions

     -Available throughout the US and Abroad

Dawn Grant Mind Training School Events

(LIVE training events at my club, Amelia Shotgun Sports, in Yulee, FL





Hypnosis Instant Downloads

Online Courses (5 Month Training Programs)

     -Clay Shooters Course

     -Athlete's Mind Game Mastery

     -Weight Loss & Wellness

     -Stress-Free, Mindful Living

Free Webinars and Downloads
7 Strokes In 7 Days
- Dawn's debut Mental Training Book

Mind Mastered- Dawn's Mobile App featuring Customizable Hypnosis Audios

Mental Training on Demand- Subscription-based Library featuring tons of Mind Training Videos


Hypnosis Instant Downloads: The hypnosis audios are very specific to a topic, they will give you immediate help in that particular area. The title of each audio gives you an idea of the topic covered. On my website they are in order of how I recommend them. If you are interested in purchasing my Hypnosis Audios (they are Instant Downloads, go to my store and browse my Hypnosis Audio Collections.

5 Month Training Programs: For overall improvement and mastery of your mental game (how to actually reach THE ZONE more often and for longer periods of time, improve your confidence, have better focus, experience less stress, and actually enjoy competing in life again), I recommend one of my Training Programs.

For 5 Month Training Programs, Choose From These Options:

Online Course: (Course 101: 1 month, Course 201: 2 months, Course 301: 2 months, Entire Course: 101, 201, 301, and a Bonus Module) Recorded versions of my unique training program. Each video is approximately 1.5 hours long and consists of me teaching through a powerpoint presentation. The courses must be completed in order and can either be purchased individually or all together. I have several programs available depending on your individual needs.

Online Courses Available:

-Clay Shooters Course
-Athlete's Mind Game Mastery Course
-Weight Loss and Wellness Course
-Stress-Free, Mindful Living Course

*These programs are also available as LIVE Events via my Mind Training School at my club, Amelia Shotgun Sports, in Yulee, FL.

Dawn Grant Mind Training School: Attend one of my in-person Lectures, Clinics, Workshops, or Retreats at my club, Amelia Shotgun Sports Yulee, FL. Register for one of my in-person events by checking the Calendar.

LECTURES- My lectures are single-day events featuring my talk on The Zone- What It Is, How To Access It, And How To Use It

To Perform Your Best Consistently And Keep Getting Better (even if you’ve struggled with focusing well in competition!) The Zone is a state of mind anyone can reach and it is where you reach Peak Human Performance, whether you're an athlete, executive, artist, or anyone with a goal to accomplish or fear to overcome.

CLINICS- My clinics are multi-day events which features several topics ranging from how to reach The Zone, hands-on Mind Training techniques, the science behind my mental training methods, Tools to help you master your mind, and creating an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

- My workshops are week-long events and feature a deep-dive into my Mind Training techniques and methods. We cover my complete Mind Training Program which includes comprehensive topics such as Peak Human Performance, Creating Consistency and Equilibrium, Skills to keep you Focused and Proficient, Tools for Mental Mastery, and so much more. Extras and Bonuses included are Free Videos and complimentary hypnosis audios which act as resourceful companions to my programs as you continue to practice my techniques and methods long after the workshop is over.

RETREATS- My retreats are 10-Day Transformational getaways held at my club, Amelia Shotgun Sports, in Yulee, FL near beautiful Amelia Island. My club sits on a spacious property boasting a working timber farm providing acres of peaceful, serene woods. My retreats feature my programs as the back-bone of the getaway, with tons of unique activities happening throughout your stay. In between learning and applying my Mind Training techniques and methods, you will also get to listen to and meet guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields, take part in fun activities such as hiking and kayaking, spend time in the downtown tourist district of Amelia Island, and much more. Activities vary by program and season.

Speaking Engagements, Corporate Events, and Business Functions:

All of my Dawn Grant Mind Training School Events including Lectures, Clinics, Workshops, and Retreats can be taken on the road in the US and abroad. I love traveling and speaking to various organizations and businesses. Hire Me for your next Corporate Event or Business Function by contacting me below.


My work has taken me to the golf courses of the PGA Tour over the years, where competing golfers used my mind training techniques as an integral part of their golf game. As I worked with them, my training techniques proved to increase the earnings from their winnings on average over 219%.

I've taken the knowledge gained while on the PGA tour, the stories along the way, and the tips and secrets of my Mind Training techniques and put them into my latest a release, my book 7 Strokes in 7 Days.

It is packed with valuable information for anyone looking to take control of their mind, and it's a great introduction to my new mobile app, Mind Mastered.


My Mind Training methods wouldn't be complete without featuring moments of quiet reflection and clarity. As a mental trainer and hypnotist, I have a deep understanding of why it is so important those two disciplines work together to create a well-rounded experience.

Now athletes, business professionals, college students, and anyone seeking a way to overcome anxiety and learn how to calm the chatter in their mind so they can focus on what matters can practice my proven techniques on-the-go.

Mind Mastered is my revolutionary customizable hypnosis audio app that makes guided meditation a breeze even when life is busy.



Looking for a unique and entertaining speaker for your next Corporate Event? My Dawn Grant Mind Training School Events center around mastering your mind whether you are an executive or athlete. I love taking these seminars on the road and they are full of information that will elevate and inspire your team. I have had the pleasure of speaking in person at many different business functions over the years, and I love leaving working professionals rejuvenated and with renewed energy and passion for their work.

Interested in Hiring Me? Check out what my Lectures have to offer and CONTACT ME for more information.

Want to book a multi-day team-building getaway that will transform your team? My Clinics, Workshops, and Retreats offer a one-of-a-kind experience and feature an in-depth dive into mastering your mind both professionally and personally. Check out these events at my Mind Training School at my club, Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee, FL. Check out my CALENDAR to see what events I have coming up. To book your corporate getaway featuring one of my Clinics, Workshops, or Retreats, CONTACT ME

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