Elite Athlete Peak Performance Package

Dawn Grant Mental Training + Hypnosis

$10,000 up front,

or $11,000 divided into 5 monthly payments of $2,200 each.

Plus: 5-3-2% of earnings for 1 year from Start Date of Program, and for 1 month after any Private Session, Support Call, or Custom Hypnosis Service by Dawn (5% of Win, 3% of Top 10 Finishes Excluding a Win, 2% of all other Finishes)

Purchase Only Available After Free Strategy Call
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Elite Athlete Peak Performance Package Includes:

  • 21  1-Hour Virtual or In-Person Private Sessions with Dawn

  • Summary Email After Each Private Session
  • Recording Of Each Private Session
  • 21 20-Minute Support Calls
  • Availability Of In-Person Private Sessions, Training and/or Shadowing At Tournaments
  • Text Contact & Encouragement (during reasonable hours)
  • Topic Specific Optimal Online Course, with 21 Video Lessons, 21 PowerPoint Presentation Notes, and 21 Homework Assignments

  • 20-Minute Hypnosis For Transformation Audio
  • Topic Specific Downloadable Hypnosis Audios which are Applicable to Weekly Lessons
  • 20% Off any Additional Hypnosis Audios
  • Signed Softcover 7 Strokes In 7 Days

  • 1 Personalized Custom Hypnosis Audio
  • 1 Year Access to Mind Mastered

  • 1 Year Access to Mental Training On Demand

  • 1 Year Access to Dialogue With Dawn Live
  • 1 Year Access to Dialogue With Dawn Live Archives
  • 1 Year Access to Network & Community


Additional Private Sessions At A Rate Of: $350/ hour

Available To Travel To Competitions: $2500/ day plus: Airfare, car, accommodations, and food

Clients of this package agree to provide Written or Video Testimonial with written permission to use it.


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