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Help For Those With COVID: Greatest Health, Healing + Wellbeing

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*COVID Hypnosis Audio: Help For Those With Or Healing From COVID:

Greatest Health, Healing & Wellbeing Hypnosis (50 minutes)


Dawn was inspired to create this hypnosis audio after she recovered from her 16 day bout with COVID. During those days there are many experiences she had, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She recognized the level of fear that surrounds COVID and it’s unknowns, and the detrimental effect that fear-based thoughts had on her condition.

With COVID’s attack on the neurological system (headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, brain fog {memory loss, confusion, mental fuzziness}, loss of taste and smell), she recognized how vital it was to keep her mind positive, healthy and strong. She witnessed first hand that anxiety and negative thoughts would make her conditions worse by increase the breathing and heart issues, and contributing to insomnia.

Dawn also faced the natural complacency that can occur when you are so sick that you could easily slip into death. At one point she had a sense and visual that the angel of death was awaiting her, and saw angels and passed loved ones welcoming her to the other side. (Dawn's COVID Experience video is below)

With her strong spirituality and belief in the power of your mind and thoughts… she deliberately, with strong conviction, counteracted the fears, anxiety provoking thoughts, and perception of being at death’s door. 

Once through the thick of it, Dawn had a realization that many fighting COVID are limited in their mental ability to do the same she had done.

They are likely fully encompassed by fear, severe anxiety, and are afraid they are going to die… with little, to no, mental tools to counteract these mindsets.

And, sadly, these fear-based thoughts and mindsets will only contribute to:

  • An increase in lung issues causing further shortness of breath
  • An increase in heart issues causing a racing heart
  • Weakening of the immune systems
  • Decreased ability to heal
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep problems

Quite simply… in these COVID times many people are already living in fight or flight mode, add the diagnosis of COVID and many go over the edge with their level of fear and anxiety.

Stress/ Fight-Or-Flight Response effects your autonomic nervous system, and so does COVID! This system regulates heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion, and more.

Dawn firmly believes that those who get COVID can improve their chance of healing if they properly manage their thoughts. 

This hypnosis audio contains many of the types of thoughts and suggestions that Dawn believes helped her survive and heal from COVID.

She hopes they help you too!

Suggestions Included:

  • Calm mind and body boost your immune system
  • Your body is miraculous
  • The cells of your body are miraculous and have been since day one when they created your organs
  • Your cells are strong and powerful and they help you to be healthy
  • You are being healed
  • Your entire body, every cell is healing
  • You receive Divine healing light
  • You are connected to your Higher Self
  • Firm and deliberate in desire to live and what you want in your future
  • Passionate about life and living it fully
  • Safe, secure, balanced, happy, healthy
  • You value and respect your body, and the cells of your body
  • You honor yourself
  • You are strong and brave
  • You are proud of yourself and your achievements
  • Open to love
  • You forgive yourself and others

… and much, much more!

Visual Exercises Included:

  • Gratitude and appreciation for your life, both past and present
  • Clarity and conviction in desire to live 
  • Gratitude and appreciation for your long, strong, healthy, happy future life


My COVID Experience:

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