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Pre Segment Routine, Mount In Front

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The oh-so-infamous PreShot Routine… some have one, some don’t. Some are fast, some are slow. Some are long, some are short. Some shooters religiously stick to theirs, some throw theirs to the wind. Most preshots only focus on mechanics, so many don’t realize what they’re missing. So much confusion for such an important and vital element. It’s time to be sure your head is screwed on right before you say pull. And Dawn’s PRESHOT Routine for Mount In Front Hypnosis will do the trick! 
    Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:
    • Neutral Data Collecting during trap and target assessment
    • Instantly going into trusting subconscious the moment you step into a box or peg
    • Present in each body part and element as you attentively set your stance
    • Visual and Experiential Imprinting into subconscious of target flight line and plan of action
    Included In Purchase:
    • “Intro To The Mind” Video
    • Mental Training PRESHOT ROUTINE Sequence
    • Clay Shooting: PRESHOT Routine for Mount In Front Hypnosis MP3 Audio
    Fully concentrating and engaged, ready to connect with the target with trusting, calm mind and body, and highly in-tune alertness.

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