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Drink More Water

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Improve your hydration and overall health. If you have struggled to reach the recommended 8-10 glasses of water per day, this audio is for you. You will learn to overcome resistance and develop a healthier relationship with water. Proper hydration is essential for optimal health and well-being, and the Drink More Water hypnosis audio is here to help you make it a priority. Take the first step towards a healthier you.

Special areas of Concentration Incorporated in the Hypnosis Suggestions:

  • Journey through your body and see your muscles, bones, blood, and brain properly hydrated
  • The functions of water in your body are vital, you experience your body with optimal health
  • 8-10 glasses of water, spread out evenly throughout your day, approximately 1 glass per hour
  • Drinking water first thing in the morning to detoxify your body and to feel the energy, adding lemon for flavor and for its benefits towards cleansing your body and adding nutrients
  • Water is what you desire, water is what you crave, water is the only thing that satisfies your thirst

About hypnosis

the truth about hypnosis

When in Hypnosis, you are in deep physical relaxation. Mentally, you are far more alert than your normal state of awareness. You hear and respond to everything as an active participant in the session. You have complete control over what you will or will not do, instantly rejecting any uncomfortable suggestion. If you like and want the suggestions given, you allow them to enter your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a computer and must respond to everything that is allowed to enter it. We are the programming our subconscious has received. If it perceives we smoke, then we smoke. If it perceives we miss the shot, then we miss the shot. Using Hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind and reprogram yourself to be whatever you wish.

The benefits of Hypnosis are profound. Hypnosis can make rapid and substantial change because it helps you access the programming of your mind to make a desired, permanent change. As positive changes are made, you are healthier mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you are a healthy, happy person who feels positive and fulfilled in life, you radiate this success and therefore attract even more success into your life.

Can I be hypnotized?

Common fears + misconceptions about hypnosis

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